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This mobile-ready application is a social media curation and content posting tool as well as live video streaming without need for specialized iOS or Android app for viewers on PC/Macs and other devices.
Key features:
Private Branded Social Media platform to post essentially unlimited text, images, videos, audio files

Private branded Live Video Streaming for thousands of viewers (using Vonage API) including sending video from front and back cameras. Note: Zoom and other meeting applications work for small groups where interaction between members is vital, however, once you get above 50 and need up to 3,000 viewers with more coming soon, streaming broadcast video is the solution needed.

– Use “shared screen” options for presentations to large audiences.

– Archive videos up to 120 minutes.

– Up to 55 simultaneous channels

– Repost to Twitter and Linkedin

– Capture Twitter feeds optional

– Future features include content “tabs” (topic sections), multiple users for single or multiple timeline posting (Twitter style), post directly via API to other social media sites, single and bulk SMS messaging, etc.