“Get-Get-Give” Corporate Business College and Talent Hiring Solution

Get a new and innovative Corporate Digital University-College today.

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1) Get a $500 discount or Get a $500 gift card (or other incentive such as airline miles)

or Give $500 to charity for monthly Level 3 solution purchases. If you prefer, you can take a $1,000 discount instead of gift card.

2) Get a $1,000 discount and Get a $1,000 gift card (or other other incentive such as airline miles)

and Give $1,000 to charity for annual Level 3 solution orders. If you prefer, you to take a $2,000 discount instead of a gift card.

Valid and now until April 6, 2023, limited to the first 10 paid customers. Credit cards, Zelle, PayPal, ACH accepted. Void where prohibited and subject to change without notice. Call 303-594-1694 or email cross@gocross.com to proceed. Charity must be US IRS 501(c)(3) approved. See below for Level 3 solution.

Feature Packages, Pricing and Ordering

Here are the feature packages at the present time with new improvements and features being added monthly at no extra charge.  Each level adds relevant and integrated features, for example, Level 3 comes with Level 1 and 2, however Level 3 is not available as a standalone as, for example, user management, content, and other features are required. Want to get more details on features, benefits and processes contact Tom Cross at 303-594-1694 or email to discuss or demo.

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Note: The user-interface on ChannelPartner.TV can be customized to suit customer needs.

There is no charge for feature improvements or ongoing upgrades.  

You can start with Level 1 and then upgrade to Levels 2 and 3 at anytime.

Feature Level 1 – Core Content Communications System

– Private label – your name platform powered by AWS and Vonage

– User and content management – add, delete, approve features

– Video streaming with up to 50 multi-channel simultaneously live video channels with chat to speaker features

– 1:1 and 1:X video meetings

– Unlimited content newsfeed aka Twitter

– Unlimited Catalog/Library system for text, audio/podcasts, videos

– Record video, audio for personal “captains log”

– Website banners management for advertising, announcements, etc.

– One free video* per month – $500 value

Feature Level 2 – Business Level Applications

– Unlimited virtual events/webinars with special even sponsor section and more, personal/group chat

– Digital business cards

– First and only website video “Doorbell” – just tap to be connect to one or more people (custom feature)

– Unlimited Surveys

– Unlimited Newsletters

– CRM – with integrated “Acticons” action-icons calendar, video meetings and more

– Email management system distribute newsletters – messages – order now delivery 2/1

– Two free videos* per month – $1,000 value

Feature Level 3 – Corporate Business College/University


– Universities

– Professors and teaching assistants

– Students

– Quizzes and Grades

– Ongoing special educational features coming

Techtionary multi-media content content – available now

– 3 free videos* per month* – $1,500 value

– Advertising Banner on ChannelPartner.TV with thousands of viewers a month to promote your business


Feature Level 1 – $499 per month – cancel anytime – $4999 annual – no refunds or installation rebate.

Feature Level 2 – $999 per month – cancel anytime – $9999 annual – no refunds or installation rebate.

Feature Level 3 – $1499 per month – cancel anytime – $12999 annual – no refunds or installation rebate.

One-time installation fees are $1000 for all feature levels with prorated refunds provided upon termination – stay for twelve (12) months, you get a full refund, does not apply for special offers/discounts. Upgrades to the next Level(s) are $500 each.

All fees include are unlimited users, videos, classes, video-audio-text, content, storage, access, etc. based on term of contract. Customer is responsible for their own management, user administration, user training, etc.

Call about multi-year and long-term services.

Support is free via email – not responsible, acts of god, AWS/Vonage and other outages and user management failures.

You can find TOU-EULA here.

*Sample videos and other advertising and Linkedin promotion services can be found here.

Content Development or Corporate University Professional Services – for content design, development and delivery along with corporate university organization services are provided on a custom proposal basis. Special services and rates are available for customers. Click on image for more.

contact Tom Cross at 303-594-1694 or email to discuss.

Subject to change without notice, void where prohibited, pricing confirmed by writing proposal. – v.11-9


Here’s some brief information on what we do and its real benefits.

New videos daily now with 835+ Videos on ChannelPartner.TV from more than 700 companies provides strategic “just-enough, just in-time” engaging videos and provides viewers actionable knowledge and insights for partner and customer education.  

“While the short-form 2-minute videos on ChannelPartner.TV may not always match corporate messaging, from my viewpoint and others, these videos are very valuable to channel partners, VARs, distributors and others along with importantly, customers of all sizes who are looking for another point of view, an independent view of the solution or product as well as in a format that can be shared far more easily than a techno-babble product paper to corporate leadership who needs and insists on fast quick takes on the solution under discussion.”

Dan Baldwin, Executive Director, Telecom Association

“Personally, I think these videos are fantastic, make a lot of sense and still fairly high level in terms of understanding have great appeal to both the customer and channel partner as well as the company messaging it.” J.D Former CRN Channel Chief

“In particular, your videos are quick, business professional style and have shortened our sales cycle significantly. Customers love the independent perspective and practical video explanations of our solutions. For us it is also a competitive edge with partners who need faster, easier training.” D.T. CRO Note: Later, he noted “we got started late in 2022 assuming everything was going to be rosy and now what is now an economy in serious flux so we realize to get even close to forecasts to investors we need to double up or more to come close.”

“Any/all looking to grow your branding, extend your global reach. Thank you for the highest quality CXOGLOBAL100 explainer video. ChannelPartner.TV “Job well done!”. Greg Raymond CEO CXOGLBOAL100