To Be CyberSafe Be CyberSmart

Cybersecurity and Privacy Data Protection Solutions Build Your Own Cyber University 

In today’s fierce competitive marketspace, education is the critical link to protecting customers. Educate your customers and partners on the real threats and real solutions to help them be cybersmart to be cybersafe with your own corporate university.

Business has changed where every employee, supplier, partner and others who have access can destroy the business. Every person “must know” and affirm their knowledge of ransomware, phishing, malware, meaning cybersecurity training is mandatory and not once and done but ongoing continuing education on latest crisis cyberattacks. There is also more to mandatory training regarding safety, privacy, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA), Consumer Data Protection Act (CDPA), data minimization, ethics and more.

Having an corporate communications, live and ondemand, video library, learning management communications system LMS is a critical part of this effort – Here are Three Critical Concepts in Building a Corporate University – Professional Educational Organization.

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Meanwhile here’s a dose of reality

Who Will It Be ? 

Not if but only when with 1-keystroke any user can kill the business, reputation and YOUR job.

Here are the three programs so far in the CyberSmart educational program

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Training the First and Best Line of Security Defense – Part 1 Total Awareness

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The training program provides a complete cyber security awareness training to employees.

And empowering them to act as the first line of defense for any organization.

Here are the 4 key steps in the program.

1 – Need to know.

Entirely online with seven training topics built to increase employee awareness of cyber security threats.

And as a result reduce risk of organizational security breaches.

2 – Time commitment.

Total time commitment is approximately 90 minutes for all seven training topics to be completed.

Self-paced training is bookmark capable, allowing flexibility for the busy employee.

3 – Certificate of completion upon completion of course.

4 – Advanced reporting.

Comprehensive reporting capabilities allow administrator(s) to see the progress.

And completion by employee, course and curriculum.

Plus all data can be exported for use in other systems.

Training the First and Best Line of Security Defense – Phishing

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And importantly ultimately preparing them for real attacks.

Here are the four steps in the program.

1 – Automated workflow.

No training is required to conduct testing, allowing anyone withinthe organization the ability to administer.

Step-by-step instructions make creating tests quick and easy.

2 – Centralized control.

Easy-to-use dashboard provides a single location to see the status of all tests.

Including those awaiting authorization, scheduled or running.

3 – Template library.

Create phishing tests entirely from scratch, or utilize the template library, offering 50+ industry- driven templates.

4 – Comprehensive reporting allows administrator(s) to see summary reports for a high-level view.

Along with detailed reports on individual employee actions.

All data can be exported for use in other systems.

Ransomware 4 Key Concepts and 4 Critical Actions

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1 – Defense assessment Visibility.

Evaluate your security team’s ability to prevent and respond to attacks with ongoing vulnerability scanning.

2 – Visibility.

Identify systems more likely to be initially attacked and receive a roadmap for building a more secure environment.

3 – Prescriptive results Expertise.

Provide detailed findings with risk treatment recommendations through ongoing reporting.

4 – Expertise and security intelligence to help you combat ransomware and other

harmful threats.

Key features.

1 – Vulnerability assessment – Experts perform black, white or gray box scanning.

• Quarterly re-scans of internal and external IPs to monitor progress over time.

2 – Evaluation of security controls and backup strategy, review backup policy, procedures and processes.

• Review of data classification policies, data flows and understand how you collect, process, store, manage and dispose of your data.

• Review of business continuity program and incident response plans.

3 – Visibility and reporting.

• Security consultant will provide regular reporting on open vulnerabilities and your progress towards remediation.

• Comprehensive gap analysis and roadmap ransomware risk.

4 – Ongoing remediation management.

• Designated consultant to advise you on technical measures to help reduce risk.

• Evaluate and refine risk management program, plus awareness and training recommendations for personnel and staff.

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