ChannelTechTalk Disrupts Press Releases with Video-First Press Releases

TORONTO – ChannelTechTalk (CTT), the newswire division of eChannelNEWS and publisher TechnoPlanet Productions Inc, announces a new first-ever service called Video Press Releases (VPR) to better disseminate content to journalists and news outlets as well as end-customers. Since the beginning of news, companies have been using traditional text-based press releases to inform journalists and news outlets. Today is the dawn of the digital transformation of news releases in the digital-first World. 

 ChannelTechTalk breaks through the limited text barrier to begin not just hosting and distributing content but by producing the news in a multimedia format. “VPR-video press releases are next level to what people read and see today,” noted Julien Lee. “The goal is to present the news in a vibrant, thoughtful, insightful and engaging way with a short form video to supplement text-only news releases.” 

Typically, journalists would read press releases and write an article, add some quotes or talk to the people mentioned and maybe add a pic or two. But, before they get to this point they have to find the time to scan hundreds of press releases to find the few that are interesting and relevant to their audience. All press releases look alike. Most press releases are overlooked. Attached press release documents are also being blocked as companies implement more stringent cyber security measures with e-mails.

 With VPR, the recipient can click to watch a short video (from any device) without downloading anything. The integrated visualizations with voice-overs and captions delivers the message faster and more effectively. Much easier for the recipient to decide what to cover. Links to contacts and more information are just a click away.

We are not in the business of creating press releases for companies. Your PR firm should continue doing the traditional press releases with the important work of highlighting the important messages and then send it to us to process into a VPR. We send a link to view and leverage the VPR. Anyone can access and view the VPRs on this portal.

Moreover, the vendors’ partners will also be able to repurpose the same VPR content for their digital marketing campaigns and other social network sharing. 

 CTT takes the time to truly understand and build upon the news content in a fast-engaging and important short-form format. CTT can go far beyond the typical press release VPR production, submission and distribution. CTT’s team can dig deep into the company, comparing competitors, doing additional research into the technology and industry to convert your press release into newsworthy content. 

See how we converted this traditional press release into a VPR at

 Julian Lee adds, “People don’t have time to read mountains of text and techno-babble filled white papers or technical manuals. So vendors need to reduce the decision-making time and process for journalists as well as the target audiences – VPRs get you much closer to this sweet-spot.”  

CTT-VPR videos are produced in both desktop 16:9 and smartphone 9:16 formats so any device consumption is offered. There are also many benefits to the visually impairment and deaf community providing them with audio content on top of the visual captions.

Since CTT is a sister-division of eChannelNEWS, VPR videos can also be viewed by our vibrant channel community of partners that also include hundreds of tech journalists. There is an option to get your VPR featured on to drive more awareness.

“Bottom-line – a new approach to news content management along with analysis, production and distribution is absolutely needed in an increasingly complex digital-first global marketplace. We recognize that this concept is ever-evolving, and we will evolve as well,” Lee added.

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