3 Critical Cybersecurity Courses to be Ready, React, Respond and be Resilient for Non-Technical Users – Everyone

Here are the three modules of under five-minute videos to maximize and sustain business operations and to guide and assist non-technical people throughout the organization.

“There are thousands of technical courses on cybersecurity, but this course is for the non-technical user to understand what, why, because this is vital and important to them & their organization including channel partner staff.” T.C.

Just-in course reviewer – “Everyone talks about the user being the ‘first line of defense’ in cybersecurity protection against hackers, these vendor-independent courses make this a reality giving users vital knowledge to help them and their organization stop this criminal behavior.” D.P. CIO 

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1 – Fundamentals – Readiness Reality Check for everyone.

This course brings cybersecurity issues and concepts to every user including partners, suppliers, and even customers.

With insights on hackers and others who are causing all this chaos and confusion.

With simple and personal actions to keep them and the businesses safe.

Along with immediate actions should they encounter anything that seems wrong.

2 – Advanced – Rescue Response Reaction Resolution for managers and others.

With core concepts in planning, preparation, testing and solutions.

With guidance for managing technologies and solutions available.

With ideas for regulatory and compliance issues.

3 – Executive – Resolution and Resilience for leadership, board members, investors and advisors.

With ideas for strategic, business, media, financial, stakeholders and global community.

With critical and crisis communications concepts for regulatory, law enforcement and compliance players.

With insights and thought leadership to be cyber-ready for the future.

The courses are updated monthly, quarterly and as needed.

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Here are Specific Course Outlines.

Module – Fundamentals – Readiness Reality Check

Timing – monthly refresh

Audience: everyone, new/current staff, suppliers, partners, advisors, even customer (as they need to be ready as well)

– Core concepts – who and why, hackers, bad actors, colleagues

– Core concepts – reasons for, why, because

– Core concepts – technologies malware, phishing, ransomware, others

– Core concepts – personal preparation, passwords, authentication, reporting and actions

– Core concepts – reporting and actions, be ready to be ready

Module Advanced – Rescue Response Reaction Resolution

Timing – weekly checkup for key points

Audience: senior managers, supervisors, analysts, strategic partners, suppliers, customers

– Core concepts – planning, preparation, options, testing, solutions

– Core concepts – credential management, authentication, authorization, access inside/outside

– Core concepts – technologies, event management, detection, response

– Core concepts – plans for regulatory, compliance, collaboration – HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA, PCI DSS, NIST, etc.

– Core concepts – security operations – insource and outsource managed services

– Core concepts – tactical cyber business planning

Module – Executive – Resolution and Resilience

Timing – monthly refresh

Audience: executives, communications/media team, investors, customers, key customers,

– Core concepts – strategic business planning and strategy including board level guidance.

– Core concepts – financial impact and planning along with insights on thought leadership.

– Core concepts – reporting to FBI, FTC, and law enforcement.

– Core concepts – reporting to SEC, GDPR, investors, press/media, crisis team.

– Core concept – future planning and strategy for cyber driven business.


Each module of five videos is $4.95 and $9.95 USD after June 15 with a ten (10) module/user minimum. 

Contact for Special Pre-Release BOGO.

Due to high demand delivery is approximately June 15 or later (paid orders receive priority). 

Monthly, quarterly subscription updates along with private branding, custom content development and volume pricing are also available. Testing is customized to users and company including into a corporate LMS or use a customized LMS and corporate university strategy from SocialStreaming.TV.

NOTE: This is priced to help every organization including nonprofits get this critically important cybersecurity training including MSPs to give away to existing customers and for lead generation.  This allows the MSP to use their own customer administration system for customer access tracking as this is provided on an “honor system” without serialization, tracking or user registration.

For MSPs or customers with thousands of users, private branding is recommended with a six-month commitment.

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