Experience is Everything !

“Is Versace [Hotels] experiential, or just a brand with a fashion label?” he asked.

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Travel, tourism, resort, destination needs to extend the website experience beyond the “property line” to everything that all around and provide one-stop shopping for the city, town, area, even state or region.

Problem for Travel “Spaces” – “If your competitors give tourists a better reason to visit their resort or flight to outer space they will go there and even again. And, they may never ever come to your space.”

Solution – For travel ”spaces” SocialStreamingTV can build live and ondemand networks with virtual demonstration events and more to show visitors what it will be like when the do come and all the fun things they have as well.

Here is one example for virtual video streaming travel “spaces.”

Viking.TV a travel tourism video network with live and ondemand videos.

Get your own private label “experiential” video streaming experience via SocialStreamingTV.