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Problem: Solutions providers along with their MSP and channel partners are increasingly faced with ever-more complex problems to sell and support to customers who are confused by the vast array of solutions they do not understand ROI-TCO, afford even core staff to provide even fundamental skills to manage and much ready to react and respond to cyber attacks, along with uses and integrations of all other corporate applications and provide user training. Do you need a better way help under-performers and help top-performers accelerate even more?

Do you need a better way help under-performers (~80%) improve and help top-performers (~20%) accelerate even more?

Do you need better ways to overcoming sales and customer challenges in complex technology benefits, users and deployment?

Solution: Quick videos can cost-effectively aid and guide all levels with benefits, feature explanations, how-to’s, FAQ to accelerate both partner customer collaboration readiness on any product, solution, training initiative, concept and more.

Get QSV-quick sales/support videos to overcome partner and customer issues that take complex techno-babble filled content into simple 2-minute videos to KISS training, explanations and more at afford rates of $490 each and if three or more a month, partners and customers get their own video content platform explained below in Part 2.

Background and DetailsClick on image for QSV-Quick Sales Videos

QSV-Quick Sales Videos – Explaining the Videos – Part 1

Sell Faster, Farther, Deeper, Easier, 7×24 with Real ROI than any other medium with Quick Sales Videos.

Special Offer – Free Slice or First Month Network Free Along with Airline Miles and Gift Card – Quick Sales Videos & Quick Sales Video Networks – “By the Slice, By the Pie”

Videos also reduces sales and support costs by providing consistent quality content reducing confusion across all customer audiences.

QSV-enhances sales prospecting by customer “self-service” learning, along with ongoing quick FAQs and simplify ongoing training to all audiences.

And from a real customer, “SocialStreamingTV has done more than a dozen business videos on our solutions with exciting results.

These are quick 2-minute dynamic videos, produced with exciting video and leading-edge AI-generated audio, making them fast-paced, factual, functional, and format-ready for smartphone viewers along with real ROI.”

The customer added “quick sales videos also bridge gaps in sales staffing and training helping new hires in sales and all departments get up to speed faster, and top performers accelerate even more.”

Quick Sales Videos can be ready in hours, not weeks, to gain customers now, and importantly retain them.

And now get a QSVN-Quick Start Video Network for free when you buy three “slices” a month.

One example of a QSVN is ChannelPartner.TV with more than 1,500 videos is the largest video news network on cybersecurity, cyber AI, and other topics.

You can use videos you already have or produce your own or let us produce them for you.

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You can use videos you already have or produce your own or let us produce them for you.

Explore the CrossTalk Video Network – Part 2

Exploring the CrossTalk Video Network Platform with Production and Promotion.

Now is the time to get a vast Netflix-like platform with live videos, X-like news feed and unlimited content library users’ platform importantly built on your domain name to protect and enhance your company brand strategy.

Beyond production of quick start videos, building a comprehensive platform is critical for a customer engagement network.

Explore ChannelPartner.TV just one example of a video news platform consisting of up to 55 multi-channel video streaming ondemand videos, news feeds and unlimited library the Platform has one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-one video and “Captain’s Log” personal video recording with the world’s first website “Video DoorBell” no telephone number needed for fast access to sales and support with no downloads, logins, app-independent, browser-based to support global users.

Integrated with a chatbot brings integrated offline and personalized online customer engagement.

Add breaking news anytime in the newsfeed to alert users.

With website advertising banners to build your own advertising solution.

With digital business cards, newsletters, trouble ticketing and survey features.

With a learning management system for building a corporate university.

With a vast array of simultaneous webinars, virtual events and virtual trade shows.

With vital “buy now” buttons, optional passcodes, chat with speaker features.

Along with an integrated CRM customer contact system integrated with multi-user outbound dialing along with “DoorBell” for inbound audio and video communications,

for an integrated customer communications system.

With an innovative visual calendar scheduling system with “Acti-cons” – action icons.

With TECHtionary an AI-driven content management system.

With website background music or messages,

and importantly the platform user interface can be customized.

With easy admin and content security access and user control management.

Bottom line – Zoom, Teams and others lack the full arrange of features including DoorBell video, newsfeed “timeline” network for multi-channel video streaming, virtual events and trade shows and more.

Time to stop posting on YouTube, an “ads-first” network where your competitor’s content is shown before your content and importantly you have no platform control.

Take action today to control your content management and delivery with a comprehensive product platform.

Plus, integrated with promotion of your platform to more than 32,000 weekly and growing audience on Linkedin.

And, ongoing customized “your logo goes here” quick start videos as often as needed.

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