“We Need a Second Opinion”

“We need a second opinion as we risk killing our brand, business and complete customer base.” This is mandatory for most medical procedures. This is what we have also heard for years now regarding IT, cloud, tech, digital transformation and almost daily now for cybersecurity. After doing more than 1,300 articles and videos on technology providers, we now offer a “second opinion” or “double check” on your business tech plans. However, we do not accept all plans. We also do not build plans but we strongly recommend you have a plan for all aspects of your business, some of the elements are recommended in the graphic below.

You tell us what your plan is about and we will decide if we can help. We may not have the time or knowledge as you would not ask an eye doctor about a cancer issue. We do not provide tech plans, nor evaluate solutions, implementation or remediation. We do not work for vendors, consult to them, advise them. We do not build cybersecurity solutions, not make recommendations on cybersecurity solutions. However, we do provide video news stories on providers to gain and increase our knowledge of the cybersecurity, cloud, AI and other technologies for ChannelPartner.TV along with video solutions.

We offer three levels:

Baseline for small businesses with a simple plan. We will provide a simple yes or no with no written details. If we accept You provide payment and we provide an answer – yes or no with a 15-minute conference call with only company staff (no vendors or advisors).

Growth – company with growing staff with a more comprehensive plan and interviews with up to three (3) internal staffers is required. We will provide up to one (1) page executive analysis and one executive conference call (up to one hour) with only company staff (no vendors or advisors).

Executive for businesses with more than 100 employees and have a comprehensive plan and want a more indepth review along with up to five (5) interviews with internal staffers (not vendors or professional services advisors). We will provide up to a ten (10) page executive analysis and one executive conference call (up to one hour) with only company staff (no vendors or advisors).

Terms – Contact us before you send company information to cross@gocross.com to discuss your needs. We decide if we can accept it, then you provide payment and we will complete based on the options selected. There are NO refunds. All communications will be considered confidential and required NDA and liabilities release documents (from your legal counsel) to be provided client before proceeding. No names of reviewers or experts on our staff will be provided or solicited by the client. We do not provide crisis remediation nor provide recommendations for advisors, providers or solutions to do the same.

This is subject to change without notice and may be withdrawn anytime.