SocialStreamingTV Customer References

Please consider our great customers in evaluating our solution.

UCXMarket.Live is powered by SocialStreamingTV giving us the ability to use it to accelerate sales faster virtually with a range of fully-managed live streaming and virtual event services from owning the domain forever and for any event at hand. This is an incredible selling tool.” noted Dave Converse VP Sales of

“ is a new virtual Christian church and congregation to help those anywhere in the world learn, attend and share common beliefs along with helping one another lift their lives and those of others.  LivingActs29 was built on the Social Streaming TV (SSTV) an innovative award-winning solution for live streaming, virtual event features, masterclass engagement and much more. I would like to thank SSTV for all the kind efforts, persistence, responsiveness and always-on help.” Hank Rivers, Director of Creative Ministries

 “Our members know which vendors to watch out for and which ones to recommend so having them review as the “Best” means is both trusted provider and proven in the LiveStreaming and Virtual Events category,” Telecom Association’s Executive Director, Dan Baldwin. 

“Eclipse Learning Partners is a Training Consultancy, which offers a hosted and managed Learning Management System solution to help clients organize their own content and to collaborate on developing new training programs, with anytime and anywhere delivery.   Eclipse is staging the launch of a new content marketplace, built on’s award-winning platform, which will give us a seriously great delivery system and a multi-channel method to deliver classes & events in a targeted way, with a new level of user engagement.  Beyond this innovative platform, SSTV have provided Eclipse with a high-level of service and partnership.” Steve Peckman – Founder of Eclipse Learning Partners 

Key Customer Features:

  •  Private label installed on your domain name – with video streaming, content management and social media.
  • 55+ simultaneous video channels delivered to potentially up to millions of viewers  with quick easy production using smartphone switchable cameras for onsite and outside productions + viewers do not have to login to view
  • Unlimited virtual events, masterclasses, performances, tours, field trips, weddings, etc.
  • Unlimited content categories and content
  • Customized user interface
  • Often one-week installation – contact for additional features

Virtual Professional Classes Evaluations

End User class evaluations:  “Leadership begins with great presentations, team building, collaboration and frankly being organized.  The VEP Procert gave me all these tools and much more to be a better CTO leader.” J.L

“Meetings are the bane of my business, however, nothing gets done without them. I needed skills and ideas to make meetings and business communications faster, reducing costs and frankly, much better.  VEP did that – thanks.” M.G CEO

”VEP is the best course for better management communications – period.” K.E

Vendor class evaluations:  “The VSP class accelerates our conferencing and collaboration revenues reducing the sales cycle by demonstrating to our customers we are committed to user ‘driver training’ to help them make better presentation and use cases of our solutions.”  D.T.

“I have been selling conferencing for a long time and so tired of hearing stories of the old conferencing system going unused because users aren’t really trained.  That is, they try it and fail especially C-levels, the VEP course gives me a real competitive-edge showing we are committed to the customer now and in the future.” R.C.

Terms: Minimum five (5) people per class. Discounts for multiple classes and large audience – call for quote. Contact for student evaluations and recommendations. Custom curriculum for channel partners, executives, etc. available. Course topics or terms may change without notice.  Terms are subject to change without notice.

version 3-25-v.11 – For indepth PowerPoint presentations, questions or scheduling, please email or 303-594-1694.