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Overview and Background Teaching and professional training has never faced stronger pressures to go both inperson, online and hybrid has been and always will be about being about effective and efficient learning. To accomplish that strategically, the faster you can communicate, the faster you can change, and those corporations that change the fastest will be the most successful. Yet teaching organizations struggle because to increase the speed you need to increase the speed of the people who work with students of all kinds. Education is more than a yes-no but often a carefully orchestrated process that looks at what needs to be done and through the lifespan until the learning process changes. To accelerate the communications process means getting students and all others “on the same” page faster.

Virtual Teaching Professional (VTP) Certification Fundamentals

These vendor-neutral courses are available now for either webinar or streaming to large audiences. This is for teachers, teachers-in-training, presenters of all kinds including adult education teachers, technology developers, presentation creators, even home schooling and professional speaker/presenters. Pricing is $39.95 per person with special offers for 5+ at $29.95, 10+ $19.95 and 100+ persons at $9.95 each or even less for very large groups and other special offers for multiple deliveries along with advanced courses.

Session 1 – Introduction to Virtual Teaching Technologies ~1 Hour

Any group of teachers and students is comprised of some or all of the following traditional and virtual meeting elements:

  • Audience – Students, Faculty, Leadership
  • Venue and scheduling
  • Agenda, purpose and format
  • Discussion, dialog, attention, retention and interaction
  • Research and presentation preparation
  • Exchange and analysis of information separate from discussion
  • Meeting reports and analysis
  • Ratification of meeting and distribution of results
  • Actions taken, if any
  • Other activities

This session will focus on how virtual educational technologies enhance, engage, change, alter, and often diminish the way people communicate, conduct, evaluate and take actions from such an event. As it has been said many times, “communications will always fail, except by chance.” Or, if you prefer, what is said is not what is heard, not what is done.” This reflects the challenges of traditional educational settings which are often made worse by virtual meeting technologies Insights on how virtual meeting technology can be used to overcome and improve communications challenges will be presented.

Session 2 – Implementation of Virtual Technology Within Classrooms ~1 Hour

This session will focus on the technologies used or planned for as well as integrating traditional education delivery approaches. Aside from a review of what works better or worse for different kinds of meetings and activities. As it has been said with humor, “if you are boring face-to-face, you will still be boring via video.” With an education leader adding, “technology only makes it worse.”

  • Video – real-time, still-frame, broadcast, streaming
  • Audio – multi-person conference, broadcast, podcast, streaming
  • Graphic – whiteboards, displays, graphics, and other webinar style presentations
  • Augmented – artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality and emerging technologies

The process of teaching in today’s environment requires the “buy-in” or socialization from more and more people. We need better collaboration, but we also need not just faster but better improvements in the collaboration

process. If you consider that teachers and other participants may need time to plan courses, research content, complete tasks, visit classrooms, work with others you can see that the more complex the decision the more indepth the development to determine validity or potential outcome. In those situations, in which factual information is being exchanged in order to train students and provide educational studies show that only about half of the person’s time is actually spent communicating—sending or receiving information.

The classroom education process is one of kind of negotiation or dicussion requiring an exchange of opinions and argumentation. The reality is that the teacher spends as much as 75% of his or her time actually communicating with verifying each step of a document or process along the way. Nonetheless, other non-communicating activities, such as information retrieval and document reading, still make up 25% of the person’s time. In addition, another overlooked challenge did classroom attendees really understand what the teacher/presenter/speaker was trying to convey. That is, did they all agree on what was said, was what was heard and ultimately gets done? If you are boring face-to-face, you will still be boring via video and technology only makes you look worse. The goal of the VTP courses are not just to overlay technology to a fundamental problem of poor communication but the means to integrate enhanced technology with better educational communications processes.

Summary – Virtual Teaching Professional Certification is designed to provide faster, cheaper and effective ways for improved educational communications. Enhanced meeting technology options are complex and getting more so as there are fewer and fewer people in one place with more and more people in customer, technical labs, research centers, working at home, co-working, mobile, auto, train, plane with fewer onsite each using often very different technology. VTP can bring technology with business processes and operations that accelerates decisions faster with more involvement and allows for more thoughtful analysis.

Course Evaluations


“Leadership begins with great presentations, team building, collaboration and frankly being organized. The Procert gave me all these tools and much more to be a better CTO leader.” J.L

“Meetings are the bane of my business, however, nothing gets done without them. I needed skills and ideas to make meetings and business communications faster, reducing costs and frankly, much better. Virtual Pro did that – thanks.”


”This is the best course for better communications – period.” K.E Vendors:

“The class accelerates our conferencing and collaboration revenues reducing the learning cycle by demonstrating to our customers we are committed to user ‘driver training’ to help them make better presentations and use cases of our solutions.” D.T.

“I have been using video conferencing for a long time and so tired of hearing stories of the old conferencing system going unused because users aren’t really trained. That is, they try it and fail, especially C-levels, the course gives me a real competitive-edge showing we are committed to the customer now and in the future.” R.C.

New Recommendations:

“Tom and I developed and delivered more than a dozen virtual webinars on social media, virtual selling and marketing strategies. Tom is an excellent course designer, developer and importantly has great delivery and virtual presentation skills. I would highly recommend him for any virtual presentations including investor pitch, virtual selling, virtual events/sales

professional as well as highly technical subjects including AI. His book on AI – MindMeld has been called the best business book on AI yet written. He can really help you be the best.”

Evan Kirstel #1 Social Media in AI, Retail Tech and many other B2B markets.

Tom has been involved in the Rockies Venture Club for many years at one time assisting us with our social media and insightful thought leadership blogs. He also attended many monthly meetings listening to hundreds of startup pitch presentations.

Tom and I team-taught the section in the RVC Hyperaccelerator program five times on Sales, Go-to Marketing and Marketing to more than 50 companies. We also share the critical concern that marketing is #1 cause of startup failure and success. Tom is a great course developer, engaging presenter and thought leader and would highly recommend his Virtual Event/Sales Professional courses to any startup, business or anyone wanting to make their business plan presentation to investors and others get “pitch perfect.”

Peter Adams CEO Rockies Venture Club

Delivery methods – via webinar one-hour for Fundamentals Sections 1 and 2, approximately one-hour each and for Advanced Sections 1-3 hours and approximately five-hours for Expert Level Sections 1-4 courses if taken serially at the same time.

If taken separately, after students have attended the Fundamentals course, the Advanced (Section 3) class is approximately 60-90-minutes. Or after students have taken both Fundamentals and Advanced courses, the Expert Level (Section 4) course is approximately 60-90-minutes each (length is always is determined by student interaction and discussion), subject to change. Scheduling is extremely limited due to previously scheduled seminars.

Scheduling and Terms – Tuition and webinar fees are prepaid prior to confirmation of delivery date. Payment methods include credit cards, PayPal, ACH/wire. Due to the breadth and depth of this seminar, all topics may not be discussed due to student questions and class interaction. Course topics or terms may change without notice. NOTE: Moneyback guaranteed.


If you have any questions regarding specific content presented or want specific topics or issues addressed, please email or call. The author and presenter have used their best efforts in preparing this seminar and the programs contained in it. These efforts include the development, research, and testing the theories and programs to determine their effectiveness.

The author and presenter make no warranty of any kind, expressed or implied, with regard to these programs or the documentation contained in this seminar. The author and presenter shall not be liable in any event for incidental or consequential damages in connection with, or arising out of, the furnishing, performance, or use of these programs. Seminar topics and terms are subject to change without notice.

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