MSP Powerhouse eChannelNEWS Announces Video Press Releases


Accelerating next generation press releases in a digital-video-first world. 

How to get your message to rise above the noise to get heard in the channel?

Before anybody will take action to review, buy, implement or manage anything, the message needs to be interesting, engaging, and filled with solid thought leadership. It’s the only predictable way to get your message seen, watched, and most crucially, understood. 

Getting noticed is the first step. If they ever had the time, customers, channel partners, subject matter experts, researchers, analysts, investors, social influencers, thought leaders, and other viewers no longer have the time to read mountains of dull, “techno-babble filled” articles, blogs, websites or attend uninteresting webinars.

Over a hundred news releases are received and taken into consideration by eChannelNEWS each day. Only a handful “rise above the noise” to be noticed or worthy of publishing.

According to Julian Lee, editor and publisher of eChannelNEWS, “Our overarching goal is to educate and guide our channel community who face significant technological and business challenges to ultimately make decisions on what solutions to use from vendors to solve their customers’ problems and make money.”

With the aim of offering videos in “just enough – just in time” video visual presentation style to assist anyone to grasp your message in two minutes or less, eChannelNEWS created Video Press Releases (VPR).

Exclusively Limited Availability

Only a few VPR spots are available each week due to the substantial work needed and limited availability of publishing space. We will assess, develop, and convert any text-based news releases into VPR with the help of our multi-award-winning team of subject matter experts. They are meant to provide partners and consumers with better understanding in an easy-to-digest format. 

Your video-first, mobile-friendly format will be pushed to thousands of people in the channel community as well as hundreds of thousands of people on social media and other networks once it has been released.

These videos are a “priceless value” for anybody since so many buyers, journalists, and influencers visit eChannelNEWS to learn about the newest technological news, conduct research and more.

You may also use your VPR for your website, business partners, and other purposes. With “calls to action”, we can help you further customize and reuse your VPRs to boost sales. Your VPR video will be available to you and your viewers channel for free all the time. 

Contact us to get started right now – Tom Cross at 303-594-1694 or Marie-Claude Rouleau – 905-839-0603 ext. 247

Here’s a PDF of this.