College Sports Tackles Live Streaming

by Frank Reap Cycle-Ology

College Sports future hinges on technology more than ever. College’s need to keep hold of that captive dedicated sports audience no matter whether they are there “live” or anywhere and likely to more less than inperson than ever.

Collaborate with your schools Marketing, Media, Broadcasting Departments. Initiate new Degree Programs supporting and marketing a new Sports Network owned by the school. Sell the content to the advertisers sitting on money allocated for traditional outlets. Nike, Under-Armor, Gatorade and so on.

Then deploy our Social Streaming TV’s (SSTV) versatile live multi-camera streaming app. It provides multiple two-hour segment live capability is made for sporting events. Easily produce a network of Channels: Live Games – Training – Trainer – Lectures – Motivation – Related Content Channels. Film and literature – Special Guests and Events. All in your control.

Mesh all these channel features within the core live game coverage feeds produced by your student media production teams. Selling subscription packages to exclusive game coverage. Behind the scenes, up-close with the QB and others.

Sell sponsorships as well ad’s and logo placements embedded throughout your diverse sports content network. Do not underestimate the value of the audience you command and do not sit around waiting for a solution and grab this new revenue sources and marketing genre before the corporate behemoths find a new way to squeeze your budget even more.

A Social Streaming TV Sports network will put you in the driver’s seat, it is your content after all. Control your outlet, control your money. SSTV is an affordable solution to launch these Micro-Sports-Networks especially as we learn the necessary safe steps forward into this new sports business future.

If I’m was the Athletic Director I would not let this opportunity slip away. There could be money in this system for the athletes as well. They are essential. No athletes, no money. This new sports business paradigm will actually pay the workers and talent what they are worth in this billion dollars industry. STTV is the perfect solution to get this network solution off the ground. It’s affordable and you’re in control of a startup network. I’d take this job tomorrow just for the opportunity.

Asian woman football player kick ball on the stadium