Seeking Channel Partners – FAQs

Here are some FAQs that you may have:

Who are your top competitors?

YouTube, LikedinLive, Twitter, Facbeook Live and others are competitors, however, our video streaming and social media solution is delivered on their own URL or new one to give the customer their own social media platform to build their own trust with customers. Here’s an article on how CEOs are “taking back” control of their own social media –

What are the top 3 things that differentiate you from your competition mentioned above? 

If you post on Twitter, FB, YouTube etc you are making them money and you have no control over your content how its presented to their audiences. Many people have complained about their content with objectionable content above and below their post. In addition, even with large advertising dollars spent, again you don’t really know if or where or really how much your ad is delivered. This platform gives you control over your content delivery and distribution.

What does your ideal customer look like? (i.e. average deal size, minimums, verticals, seat numbers, etc.)?

The exciting part of this solution is it can be delivered for B2B but also B2C so any company can provide video streaming affordably for cooking shows, retail “runway” art, clothing, hardware, floral, gardening, landscaping, travel, sports of any kind including “riding the range” bicycling tours on the weekends. The AWS/Vonage platform support 10,000s of viewers and as there is no login or registration this makes customer engagement much easier. The service is delivered on a fee plus usage from AWS and Vonage.

How many channel managers do you have to support this partnership? Are they dedicated resources to the channel? 

Presently there are two full-time sales and support staff dedicated to this effort. Demos of the platform are really simple and we can deliver them anytime to show the many benefits including using both front-back camera letting presenters show themselves and the problems or solutions they are talking about. There is not equipment to setup other than a smartphone. Email or text 303-594-1694 to get a demo.

What type of Automation do you offer, (Pricing portal, order updates) and is it available for integration via API? 

We do offer custom software development including social media with text and video chatting, custom API with multi-channel video streaming, digital meetings and webinars. Part of the managed service is provide ongoing feature updates, enhancements, fixes, etc. We have strong security skills and respond to issues immediately.

What are your expectations of our partnership (as a supplier)? (Expected revenue? Expected deals? Engagement level?) 

We have market and revenue goals, however they are mitigated by the pandemic. As such, we realize it will be difficult in this challenging times to present anything that is meaningful at this time.


As a famous venture capitalist has said repeatedly, “the number one cause of failure of any business is marketing.”

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