Virtual Cycling Universe Moving at the Speed of Light

by Frank Reap Cycle-Ology

Peloton, Zwift, Wahoo all making bank in the virtual cycling universe.  I was forced inside after a crash and clavicle surgery.  Eight weeks on a trainer.  I picked up a used Kinetic trainer for $360 and got on board.  I looked to Zwift, Wahoo and Peloton.  Yikes, $$$$.  I realize there are various price points and equipment packages and no doubt the “techknowledgy” is astounding.  You can drop 5K on a full Virtual Cycling Set-Up.  I’d buy a new bike, if I could find one these days then fly to Scotland, if we could fly. 

Seriously if I had the money I would invest in the Zwift full setup right now.  It’s simply amazing.  I love travel, I love technology and I love cycling.  It’s a tech-travel-cycling synergy for me.  Many places I’ve yet to ride and Zwift, Peloton and Wahoo might be the only option for a while and parents are mentioning their teenagers’ interest in Peloton and alike was the travel aspect and the high-tech cool technology that transports them away. Seeing the world from home is our only option now. 

An affordable hands-on option is the Social Streaming TV app.  It’s a perfect tool for building a community cycling network locally, nationally, globally, anyone anywhere can ride live or download from your archived rides.  Share family rides, yoga class, community events, cooking show whatever, it is your network.  The Live 2-Hour record feature is tremendous.  No automatic record-stop haunting you when flying down your favorite hill at sunset.  I’m thinking about a channel based in Golden, CO with the Social Streaming TV app.  With its robust video backbone, the SSTV app can be the key you were looking for. opening the door to your new business.  SSTV’s empowers possibility.  Check it out.

Virtual Pro Cycling and Virtual Sports are in play with venture capital in a virtual gold rush to figure out this race to reinvent the wheel. 

As I understand it, your weight calculation effects your performance and you enter your weight remotely.  Or you can drop EPO all day at home.

This new game will evolve with this virus.  As our so-called government can’t keep up with this virus, I just can’t wrap my head around how virtual organized pro-sports will ever be practical in this race.  The Tour, Olympics and other pro-sports are in a virtual-limbo as the virus is making the rules.

Jack LaLanne once told me the best piece of exercise equipment is the one you use.  With that said someone once said:  The bicycle is humanities highest achievement and we should stop here.  Don’t ask me who.