Get a Competitive Edge in Hiring, Talent, Staffing, Recruiting and Retention along with Managing On/Offboarding – Win the Talent Race Before Your Competitors Do – 11 Core Concepts for a Career News Network

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This is a working post on the concept of building Career Video News Networks. This is to suggest and show the benefits of using video through the recruiting, onboarding, career development and even downsizing, offboarding and crisis communications.

Interview with CHRO and 11 Core Concepts to Using Video for Many HR Efforts.

These are the highlights from an interview of a CHRO which reflects the thoughts of others interviewed who said.

 “It is really simple, whoever has the best videos on position job descriptions along with company leadership, culture, business, team and concepts like ESG, DEI, work-life, with career development and ‘green’ public policy will get the best candidates, and ultimately be the most successful.”

Here are some core concepts to using video to.

1 – Demonstrate market leadership.

2 – Engage visually with candidates where video is their norm.

3 – Present opportunities to candidates in “their” most desired smartphone format.

4 – Differentiate your company and positions from others.

5 – Present for targeted markets, industries and cultures.

6 – Distribute on company, partner and social media and paid placement sites.

7 – Promote on company career video news networks.

8 – Add videos with the hiring manager and team to show their personalities.

along with team chemistry to see if the candidate fits with the team.

9 – Avoid mis-hires and identify who would be the best new candidate or promotion to retain another one.

10 – Add video streaming weekly career news highlights for urgent, part-time, seasonal and new internal positions.

11 – Hold weekly video streaming career events news, job fairs, townhalls, virtual trade shows, executive briefings, on/offboarding, crisis communications and more.

and even private conversations (not just video interviews).

Here is one example of a video job description.

Video Job Position Description Example via – 2-minute

This is just one example of a generic video sales job position description.

1 – Primary Responsibilities.

– Achieve annual sales quota for production technology and software sales in the assignment.

– Fully own and grow sales of company production devices and workflow software.

– Develop accurate pricing and professional proposals that increase revenue.

 and margins and fully justify and sell the value of solutions.

– Drive essential activities including sales calls, demonstrations, and proposals.

– Work collaboratively with other sales and delivery personnel to identify opportunities.

and drive sales of focus products across user and non-user accounts.

– Manage client implementations to ensure smooth solution transitions, engage service and analyst teams in the process.

2 – Industry Experience Qualifications.

– 5 years of previous sales experience with a proven track record of success preferred.

– Proficient with cross-functional support of software and hardware solutions.

Example of a Video Resume/Flyer

3 – Qualifications.

– Excellent communication (oral, written, and presentation skills).

– Possess the ability to interpret, comprehend and apply complex material, data.

– Along with instruction – prepare, provide and convey diversified information.

– Personal drive and internal motivation toward high achievement.

– Ability to work independently.

– Ability to influence, negotiate and gain commitment at all organizational levels.

Explore this and more at the company name here with separate videos on the company.

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