Confusion Leads to Chaos in Sales, Hiring, Corporate Education & Organizational Performance – TECHtionary Announced

SocialStreamingTV Announces TECHtionary – AI-powered Multimedia Dictionary & Library

Here are a four critical use cases for better, more useful, thoughtful communication and what do you really mean in definitions and explanations. Click here for PDF.

1 – Sales – A saying that all salespeople will understand yet they continue to do is throw techno-babble acronyms like a machine gun at customers.  Overwhelming customers is a trend that seems to never end.

Yet actually the role of the salesperson is to help the customer understand all the technical and even more importantly business reasons to get the solution.  As one great sales leader said, “a confused mind always says no.” Another said “communications will always fail except by chance.  This approach to sales is causing customers to increasingly buy online and do their own due diligence.  This really means that more in depth explanations not just in technical concepts are needed. Especially in terms of ROI/TCO business results for both onsite and online sales. Along with better explanations and definitions of the technology that business leaders can really understand.   

2 – Hiring and Retention – In regard to hiring, similarly, both recruiters and hiring managers often use tens or hundreds of, from technical terms, industry, job skills and company specific acronyms they are looking for. Even recruiters have expressed they also are often confused in building job descriptions much less analyzing resumes and CVs from applicants.  This makes hiring longer and now with employee turnover topping 70% !  Clearly there is a major disconnect in the hiring process. Building a dictionary, glossary or simple definitions can be readily accomplished in a collaborative approach.  Building a common dictionary of video, audio, text and images together all those involved can collaborate to help “lift all boats” involved to get the “ah ha” factor.  If customers think the vendor is talking about one thing and they are another, until this is resolved there will be no buying.  Hiring managers, recruiters and candidates can get “on the same page” by providing agreed upon definitions of technical terms and concepts like “five years’ experience.” Along with complex human skills such as this concept from a real job description, “personal drive and internal motivation toward high achievement,” “ability to work independently and “excellent communication.”

In interviews with candidates, they have widely different interpretations of what these and the many other phrases used in job postings. Similarly hiring companies don’t help but urgently need to otherwise the 70% turnover rate will only increase.

TECHtionary is powered by knowledge network AI-driven solution based on MindMeld book written by Thomas B. Cross his third-book on AI and called the “best business book” on AI – click on image for book.

3 – Corporate Education – Digital Colleges – training is increasingly vital to hiring as students come from widely varied backgrounds.  Often traditional universities, vocational and community colleges train for different skills than are need for specific job requirements.  Providing for hiring and extending to all positions in the company corporate training is increasing vital for DEI, ESG, cybersecurity, ransomware-phishing, compliance, governance and regulatory requirements can bring cause business outages, fines, brand reputation and revenue loss. Common and specific terms and definitions are required to ensure and validate staff adherence exacerbating the need for a common corporate glossary library and developing a “standards” approach to corporate education.

4 – Organizational Performance – Regarding organizational performance as the saying goes “what is said, is not what is heard, nor what is done.”  We have found throughout decades of research that people really don’t “understand what other people are saying.” Often people say they understand to not upset the boss thinking they will “figure it out later.” A common corporate dictionary of terms, concepts and more can provide a better, means for better more effective and efficient communication.

TECHtionary MultiMedia Dictionary-Glossary Solution

One solution certainly not the only solution is a multimedia dictionary.  TECHtionary is an easy-to-use multi-media – voice, text, audio, video user-build dictionary. 

Admin or Users can add/edit content and user sees words highlighted and when tapped see explanation in whatever video, text, images, or audio added.

That is, we don’t do the definitions, the customer builds them. Why? Because what “two or five years’ experience” to one company is different to another.  Often it is not the amount of time, but “experience” can and is very different in a startup than in a Fortune 500 company.  Also, acronyms may be the same words but have different meanings in different markets and technologies.  Specifically, from a considerable amount of research we have found that what one hiring manager means by an acronym is also different from another manager even in the same company.  TECHtionary is built into the complete SocialStreamingTV platform along with the vast array of video meetings “Doorbell” video calls, learning management, CRM, live and ondemand streaming and much more.

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Summary – Every industry, company, organization and government have its own nomenclature, simple and complex terms, concepts, words and more. It is really incumbent upon them to provide help, guidance, thought leadership and knowledge in a friendly understandable format.

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Tom Cross