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Here are four critical concepts in technology channel marketing innovation, not just automation – 2-minute video to the right.

1 – Channel Marketing Management.

Design, develop and deliver proven channel sales and market intelligence for providers and channel builders.

With a core and as needed integrated elements in a content management system (CMS), Channel Communications Network (CCN).

Along with a Learning Management System (LMS), Customer Relationship management (CRM) and Customer Intelligence Agency (CIA).

With ondemand development content, collaboration, communications, insights and actions to accelerate channel performance.

and guide all toward exploration, engagement and evaluation.

2 – Channel Marketing Communications – Marcom.

Conceive, create and communicate channel content via a channel news network to gain, close and retain customers. Along with digital business cards, SMS to video calls, video “DoorBell”, 1:1 and 1:X video calls, global video streaming, “action icons” Acticons calendar system, and much more

With both inbound and outbound email marketing, social marketing, webinars along with digital advertising for content syndication and more.

3 – Channel Customer Management.

Engage with partners with partner branded customer communications via a content management system (CMS) and marketing content to accelerate programs from first customer contact to closing and ongoing.

To increase conversion rates with call-to-action guides for partners.

4 – Channel Performance Insights.

With a globally connected CIA or customer intelligence agency to provide strategic insights.

Along with marketing automation platform solution with ideas and innovation in channel content performance.

With both machine learning and ondemand professional subject matter experts guidance for even more.

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