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While the short-form 2-minute videos on ChannelPartner.TV may not always match corporate messaging, from my viewpoint and others, these videos are very valuable to channel partners, VARs, distributors and others along with importantly, customers of all sizes who are looking for another point of view, an independent view of the solution or product as well as in a format that can be shared far more easily than a techno-babble product paper to corporate leadership who needs and insists on fast quick takes on the solution under discussion.”

Dan Baldwin, Executive Director, Telecom Association

“Personally, I think these videos are fantastic, make a lot of sense and are powerful fast-easy in terms of understanding have great appeal to both the customer and channel partner as well as the company messaging it.” J.D Former CRN Channel Chief

“Any/all looking to grow your branding, extend your global reach. Thank you for the highest quality CXOGLOBAL100 explainer video. ChannelPartner.TV “Job well done!”. Greg Raymond CEO CXOGLBOAL100

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“Personally, I think these videos are fantastic, make a lot of sense and still fairly high level in terms of understanding have great appeal to both the customer and channel partner as well as the company messaging it.” J.D Former CRN Channel Chief

“In particular, your videos are quick, business professional style and have shortened our sales cycle significantly. Customers love the independent perspective and practical video explanations of our solutions. For us it is also a competitive edge with partners who need faster, easier training.” D.T. CRO Note: Later, he noted “we got started late in 2022 assuming everything was going to be rosy and now what is now an economy in serious flux so we realize to get even close to forecasts to investors we need to double up or more to come close.”

“Any/all looking to grow your branding, extend your global reach. Thank you for the highest quality CXOGLOBAL100 explainer video. ChannelPartner.TV “Job well done!”. Greg Raymond CEO CXOGLBOAL100

Here are the 1,100+ Business News Videos on The World’s Largest Channel & Cybersecurity Video News Network

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3-2-1 Data Backup Storage in the Cloud via Wasabi – ISO 27001 Certification Audit Process – What is Asset Performance Management?

5 Core Concepts in Talent & Culture via – Recognizing a Malware or Ransomware Attack 

About ChannelPartner.TV Cloud Video Storage by IPTECHVIEW – Part 1 IPTECHVIEW – IT Systems Management

Accelerate Customer Growth and Success with UCXtech – ISO Certification: Key to B2B Marketing – Seven Top Cloud Native Security Myths

Acronis Public Sector Cybersecurity Solution for MSPs – 6 Core Concepts Cyber Protect Home Office – 8 Key Benefits of Cyber Protection – 7 Concepts to Consider for Remote Access Service for Retail – 10 Concepts in Enterprise Connectivity Anywhere – 6 Concepts in Cloud-Managed SD-WAN – SaaS Security Posture Management (SSPM) – 9 Key Features of a Security Operations Center IoT Gateways – 6 Key Steps in Media Monitoring – Guide to Business Continuity Planning for Investment Firms – Agricultural Business Management Solutions

Aigo.AI Engaging Experience (#NX) is the future of Customer Experience (#CX) – Top 10 Core Concepts in Generative AI Transformation – Top-10 Reasons Why AI Fails and “Cures” – What is event-driven architecture – Part 1 Three Reasons Event-driven Architecture Matters – Part 2 – 5 Compelling reasons to employ a Zero Trust model – 6 Key Concepts for Zero Trust Benefits – 8 Key Concepts on Cloud Security – 9 Key Concepts in a Risk-Aware Bot Management – Co-existence of Wi-Fi and Private Mobile Networks – 9 Features and 6 Benefits of MDR Concierge Services

Allbound – Partner Relationship Management – 6 Concepts in Borderless KYC for Crypto – 6 Core Concepts in Iot Connectivity – RaaS-Robots as a Service – 7 Concepts in Social and Behavioral Loyalty – Top 5 Use Cases for Intelligence-Driven Extended Detection and Response XDR

Anywhere365.IO – How Conversational AI Enhances Customer Communications – Core Concepts in SIP Trunking – 3 Core Concepts and 6 Ways to Managing Recurring Technology Services – 3 Core Concepts and 6 Ways to Managing Recurring Technology Services

Appgate – Zero Trust Reality – 7 Key Concepts in a SaaS Security Case Study Enhanced Omni-Channel Shopping Experience Concepts in Digital Asset Management – Highlights of 3 Core Concepts to Stop Blind Cold Calling – SOLNET – Internet for the Solar System – 5 Ways to Protect Your Business from Ransomware – Cybersecurity Trend – Cloud Adoption is Outpacing Cloud Security – 5 Concepts in Medical Device Security – 9 Key Concepts in a Comprehensive Cybersecurity Management Platform – 10 Things to Include in Your DR Plan for Your Cloud-Based Workload – Education Exercises Core to Cybersecurity – 3 Concepts in a Complete CSPM Solution – 9 Highlights of Cloud Detection and Response for Amazon Web Services Intelligent Process Automation Platform – 5 Highlights of Selecting a MSP – Highlights of SD-WAN and Global Fabric Solutions – Smart Marketing – Four Steps to Create an ESG Program for Manufacturers

Atera Plus Adding AI-Powered Solutions for MSPs and IT Professionals RMM-Remote Monitoring & Management, PSA-Professional Services Automation

Atomo Coffee Innovation and Sustainability – 3 Key Threads in Digital Twins – 4 Reasons Why Current Advice to Cybersecurity Falls Apart – Highlights of AI Explainability – 4 Benefits and 5 Features of IoT Asset Tracker AT1 – 4 Concepts in Security Operations Center Analytics – 4 Concepts in Security Operations Center Analytics – 5 Highlights of Cybersecurity for Manufacturing – 5 Key Concerns in Building a Security Operations Center SOC – 5 Key Concerns in Building a Security Operations Center SOC – 5 Solutions to Address Climate Change with Multi-Access Edge – Part 1 – 6 Key Concepts for an Unified Approach Endpoint Devices – 8 Core Concept in Smart Building Energy Savings – Anatomy of an Ransomware Attack – Highlights of 10 Cybersecurity Predictions – 7 Steps in Step-by-Step Guide to Building Your ESG Program 5 Key Concepts for Security Compliance – 4 Concepts to Building a Connected Manufacturing Workforce with AI – 4 Concepts and 4 Benefits of ID Managed Transactions – 4 Core Concepts to Cloud Security – 3 Core Concepts in College Student Experience – Recruitment to Graduation – Enhance Campus Security Response Capabilities – 3 Ways MSPs can Capitalize on Opportunities – 5 Key Concepts for Multi-Cloud Network Architecture – 7 Use Cases for Multi-Cloud Networking – Three Benefits of Facial Recognition – 4 Concepts in ML Inference via IoT Greengrass – 4 Concepts in ML Inference via IoT Greengrass – 6 Ways to Secure Your Cloud Transformation – 3 Challenges & Resolutions Plus 3 Processes to Begin SOAR – 4 Advantages of Firewall as a Service FWaaS – 6 Core Concepts in Tuning Endpoint Detection and Response for Cloud – Four Ways ZTNA delivers a range of benefits to enterprise IT

Axcient Enhances Cloud Backup with AutoVerify – 4 Security Service Edge SSE Guiding Principles – Concepts to Manage All Assets and Automate Asset Inventory

B2B Social Media Trends – 7 Steps to Ransomware Disaster

Battery Ventures – 9 Ways to Apply Product Lead Growth PLG Concepts

BCN – Five Best Practices for Cloud Security – 6 Core Concepts in Managed Security For Devices & Data

Beat Back Denial of Service Attacks with Bigleaf

Benefits of Public, Private & Hybrid Cloud from Steadfast – 5 Core Concepts for Operationalizing ESG – 5 Trends in Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) – Discovery-in-Depth – 7 Core Concepts in Talent Analytics

Bionic.AI – Reduce Application Drift = Reduce Risk – Over-scoping and Under-scoping – 8 Steps for Cybersecurity Hygiene – 8 Steps for Cybersecurity Hygiene – 4 Circles of Executive Security Protection – 12 Core Concepts in Digital Executive Protection Part 2

Blackcloak.IO – 4 Key Home Network Security Features – 6 Features of Digital Executive Protection Part 1 – White, Black Grey Pen Testing – 4 Key Concepts in Connected Cross-Channel Experiences – 6+ Kinds of Cybercrime – 5 Key Benefits of AI Driven Ticketing and Call Flow

BrandMarket.TV – Top-10 Core Concepts in Brand Communications

Bridge.Partners – 5 CMO Tips from Killer to Dream Fulfiller – 6 Networking Solutions – Broadridge Communications Cloud – Delivering ‘Decision-Useful’ ESG Data – Part 1 – Leveraging Technology for ‘Decision-Useful’ ESG Data Part 2 and Jenne Team Up !

Building Successful Outcomes-as-a-Service from CloudBlue

Building with Blockchain via Global Smart Commodity Group – 5 Core “Anti-Agency” Marketing Concepts – Avoid Big “Cloud Sprawl” with Alternative Cloud

C3.AI – 6 Concept to Exploring Data and Insights – Key Concepts Inventors of CRM Who Reinvented CRM – Ransomware: Can we win this fight? – 12 Critical Concepts to Caller ID Integrity to Increase Answer Rates

Candidate Communication – a “Standards” Approach – Six Core Concepts in Carbon Capture and Sequestration (CCS) – Three Benefits to Transform Situational Awareness for Field Responders

Casa-Systems – Small Cell Wireless Extends 5G Anywhere – The 4 Steps to Implement a Telecom MACD Process Part 1 Telecom Expense Management: The 8 Most Common Mistakes Part 2 – 7 Concepts for Managed Detection and Response (MDR) – 13 Highlights of CSPM Uses and Capabilities 4 CSPM Tools – 5 Steps in Process Mining – Stop Shopping Bots & Content Scraping – 6 Key Concepts for the Cloud Connected Vehicle – 3 Channel “Able” Insights & Analytics

ChannelPartner.TV – 10 Types of Cybercrime by Humans

ChannelPartner.TV – Battleground Retail “Showrooming” via Communications

ChannelPartner.TV Buying or Selling A MSP-MSSP Could Not Be Easier

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ChannelTechTalk About

ChannelTechTalk Video Press Release News Network – 6 Key Concepts in Software Composition Analysis – Secure Cloud Applications Development – 7 Core Concepts for Unified Security for Multi-Cloud – 7 Top Advanced Cloud Security Challenges – Top 10 Concepts for Cloud Network Security Solution

Chef.IO – 5 App Delivery Core Features

Cheq.AI – 16 Top Cyber Threats facing Go-to-Market GTM Efforts – 6 Core Concepts in Cloud Inventory management – 5 core concepts for Red Team Services RTS – Here are 5 core concepts for Red Team Services RTS – 4 Highlights of Resilient Power Best Practices for Facilities – 5 Steps in Creating a Risk Management Plan – 6 Highlights of CISA – FBI Ransomware Task Force Meeting – Critical Marine Transportation Systems (MTS) and Inland Resilience Guide – Highlights of 15 Critical Concepts to #StopRansomware – 3 Core Concepts to Maintain Cloud Security Posture – 4 Concepts To and 6 Actions Taken for Cloud Security Resilience – 4 Key Managed Services for Webex – Wholesale Route-To-Market – Why is Cybersecurity Important

Citrix – 3 Key Points on DaaS-Desktop-as-a-Service

Citrix – Hybrid Working Means More Than Anything to Everyone – 3 Key Concepts to Customer Relationships, Not Just Management – Part 1 – Sales Pipeline, Not Just Pipe – Part 2 – Six Core Concepts in Self-Service eLearning for Microsoft 365

Cloud Equity Group M&A Tips For Managed Service Providers – Multi-Vendor-Cloud-Country Operational Efficiency

Cloudera “Walks the Walks and Talks” about AI – 3 Concepts on How CSPM Works – 3 Reasons & 3 Use Cases to Replace VPNs with Zero Trust Access

Cloudflyer – Move Data Massively Between Clouds – 4 Concepts on How Cloud Security Posture Management Works? – Three Concepts for “Best Performance at Best Location” – 5 Levels of Client Engagement Maturity – FedRAMP Certification Made Easy – Cyberbusiness and Business Insurance Coverage – 6 Core Concepts in Compliance Pentesting – 4 Benefits of Smart Transportation – 3 Key Product Development Concepts – 6 Steps for Success + 3 Successful Solutions MDM, EMM inside of Unified Endpoint Management – Can You Tell if Your Data Recovery is Predictable – Five Core Concepts in an Access Marketplace

Colohouse Four Cool Cloud Concepts

Comcast Business – 6 Benefits of SD-WAN – 4 Critical Concepts on Software Defined Security SDS – 8 Key Points on Unified Endpoint Device Management Security Solutions – 3 Core Concepts in Cybersecurity Trustmark

Conceal.IO – 3 Concepts in Overcoming Shortcomings of Endpoint Protection Platforms (EPPs) – 8 Core Concepts in Comprehensive Malware Protection to Any Browser

Conceal.IO ChatGPT is Causing More Harm Than Good – Explore Solutions and more 

Concentric.AI – Semantic Intelligence Deep Learning Solution

Concentric.IO – Addressing Harassment Online

Confluera Stop Cyber Attacks in the Cloud – 7 Point Plan for Cybersecurity Management – ConnectWise Asio™ Platform – IT Management for MSPs

Contentful – Systems Thinking in the 4 Levels of the Iceberg Model – 6 Core Concepts in Blockchain Technology – 5 Highlights of AWS Outposts for iGaming: Connectivity – 3 Core Concepts in Building Scalable Supply Chain Security – Contrast Code Scan – Supply Chain Security with SBOM Software Bill of Materials – 8 Metrics for Contextual Data System Health – Five Critical Challenges to Systems Temperature Monitoring – 4 Things to do if your company is under Cyber Attack – Cyberattacks Threaten to Professional Services Causes and Cures – Highlights CIRCIA to Require MSPs Reporting Cyberthreats Cybersecurity

Cortical.IO – An innovative approach to Contract Intelligence Software CIS Cyber Get Cyber Insurance Smart Today – 3 Layers in Securing 5G IoT – Mobile, Branch, Wireless and IoT Opportunities for MSPs Launches “Cellular Intelligence” Portfolio – Key Elements in a Smart Factory Operating System – 5 Key Concepts of Social Media Investigation & Social Discovery – 3 Ways Bad Actors Can and Will use ChatGPT for Cybercriminal Activity – 4 Core Concepts in A Total Incident Preparedness Plan Highlights of Recession Increases of Ransomware and Cybersecurity Breaches 5 Steps in the Partner Ecosystem – Creating Successful Content – Four Options Pro & Con – 4 Kinds of Honeypots Part 2 – All “Clouds” Workload Protection – CyberSecurity Soup EDR – MDR – XDR Explained 4 Honeypots Concepts Why Use Them Part 1 – 5 Key Concepts and Technical Features of Optical Encryption – 5 Key Concepts and Technical Features of Optical Encryption – Crypto Slang – 12 Crypto Terms to Know – Highlights of Case Law Update: 3 Major Trends

Cuber.AI Bringing Intelligent Actions to Business Challenges

Cultureczars – 5 CoreWorkflows: Setting Your Team Up for Success

Customer Support – 6 Proven Steps for Hiring Success – 100 Staffing Strategy Approach – Crossing the Career Convergence Chasm Successfully – The Great CISO Resignation via National Cybersecurity Center NCC – Ultimate Sales Playbook for Cybersecurity Vendors – Identity Security Requirements – Part 2 – The Four Pillars of Identity Security – Part 1 – A Few Highlights of What the CPRA Means for Marketers – A Few Highlights of What the CPRA Means for Marketers – 8 Actions to Reduce the Cyber Attack Surface – Third-Party Cyber Risk Management Improves Security 10 Key Concepts in Cloud Email Security 10 Key Concepts in Cloud Email Security – What’s Hiding in Your External Attack Surface – Breach and Attack Simulation

Cybersecurity from Cybereason – Highlights – What is phishing-resistant multifactor authentication? – 3 Core Concepts and 13 Features to Proactively Block Threats – Vulnerability Threat Score – Sunrise Venture Capital Investment Methodology     – 6 Key Concepts in a Cloud SOC Course – 4 Critical Business Reasons Why Companies Don’t Invest in Cybersecurity – 7 Core Concepts in a Data Security Platform – Aligning CEO, C-Suite and CISO around Cyber Resilience – The Psychology of Cyber Security – Discovery as a Foundation of Vulnerability Management – 9 Key Points of Cloud Data Value – 4 Key Concepts to Dark Web Monitoring Cybersecurity Solutions – Red – Blue Team Faceoffs Boosting CyberSecurity via Cyberattack Simulation – 3 Benefits and 6 Key Features Security Risk Assessments Platform – Leading Causes of High Impact Incidents and Solutions – SOC1, SOC2, SOC3 – Benefits to MSPs – Highlight of CSPM with CASB, CWPP Security – Micro-segmentation aka ZeroTrust Benefits to MSPs – Micro-segmentation aka ZeroTrust Benefits to MSPs

D3 Security – 6 Key Points to Security Automation and Orchestration for MSSPs – Access and Analyze Darknet Data – Demystifying Edge Data Centers – Top-10 Password Management Terms

Data Theorem Accelerates Application Security

Data-Axle – 6 Steps to a Successful Omnichannel Marketing Strategy

Databank – 4 Key Benefits to Carrier Cross Interconnections Align Sales and Marketing with Strategy Dashboards – Data Security Case Study at HSBC – 4 Core Concepts in Cloud Security Posture Management – Cyber Insurance 5 Questions To Ask

Datto Beyond Backup, SIRIS All-in-one Data Protection – 4 Key Concepts on Cloud Security

Decrypting Cryptocurrency – What is a Stablecoin?

Deep Instinct Cybersecurity Solutions – Top 10: MITRE Techniques and Capabilities – 4 Key Concepts of Security through Adversity – Services and Benefits of a Virtual CISO

Dell Delivers Digital Innovation for Communications Services Providers – Telecom Industry

Dell Expert Network – 5 Key Ways for an MSP Super Charged Business

Dell Validated Designs for Digital Manufacturing – 3 Core Characteristics of a Zero Trust Network and Stealth Alignment – 4 Cybersecurity Tips for Protecting Your Company’s Prized Assets – Driving Seamless Multicloud Strategies – 4 Core Concepts to GreenLight Solution – 5 Key Concepts in Smart Factory – Part 1 – 8 Core Concepts in Sustainability and ESG Services – Highlights of 5 Overarching Trends in Smart Factory Part 2 – Tech Trends: 3 Eyes to the Sky & 3 Feet Firmly on the Group – Key Concepts for AI-Driven Security Operation Center – 6 Concept in Security Fatigue and More in User Management – 5 Key Implications of New DOJ Corporate Crime Structures

Digital BusinessCards – 5 Special Use Cases

Digital BusinessCards – 8 Key Use Cases

Digital Twins – New Digital Dimensions for Physical Dimensions by – 3 Core CSPM Best Practices – 4 Key Supervisory Control and Data acquisition (SCADA) Security – 7 Highlights of Dark Web Monitoring Services Enterprise Risk Management Software

Disc Perfect – The 3 Ways – Creating a Culture of Continuous Learning – Blocking Cryptojacking, TypoSquatting & Man-in-the-Middle Attacks

DoControl.IO – 3 Key Points for DLP or Data Loss Protection – 5 Steps to Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) – Analytics for Advertising – Know Your Customer KYC – Customer Due Diligence CDD – Anti-Money Laundering AML – 7 Hiring Trends – 5 Steps to Achieving Compliance – 9 Elements in a Risk Management Solutions 4 Key Concepts in Cyberincident Response and Forensics Solutions

Drew Robb – 7 Major Mistakes that MSSPs Make – 5 Core Concepts in Video Training for Manufacturing – Building Multi-Cloud Data Resilience – 4 Key Concepts Protect Every User with 2FA SSO – 4 Concepts and 6 Tips What You Can Do With Marketing Automation – 6 Ways Data Loss Impacts Your Business – 13 Security Management Challenges

Effective Cybersecurity Training Using Orchestration via

EggStrategy Guiding CPG, Health and Lifestyle – Corporate ESG Business Maps To Four Core Applications – Corporate ESG Business Maps To Four Core Applications – ESG and Business Agility – ESG and Business Agility

Eightfold.AI – 4 Key Ways to Support Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion DEI with AI – 7 Best Practices on Outsourcing Custom Course Development – User Risk Profiles: The Three Tenets – Brief Highlights: How to create an incident response plan – 7 IoT Challenges and Solutions

Empathy in the age of Customer Experience via Gridspace

Enable Operational Agility via Kronos

Endpoint Detection and Response Solution from HighWire Networks – 5 Must-have Concepts for Sustainable Buildings – 5 Must-Have Concepts for Smart Building Sustainable Management – 4 core concepts to Identity Protection.

Ensable 9 Science Techniques for Sales Meetings – Five Core Reasons Why Video Works For All Training

Enzoic Innovative Password Reuse Protection

EpicIO – 7 Ideas and Innovations in AI and IoT in an Open AIoT platform

EPICio Learn How to Deter Illegal Dumping – 3 Core Concepts in Using IoT for Improving Energy Efficiency – 5 Critical Facts and 5 Ideas for Better Food Safety – 5 Myths About Germicidal Ultraviolet Light UV Debunked – 7 Key IoT Use Cases – Highlights of 5 Myths About Ozone Debunked

Ericsson – Part 1- Mobile Money – Six ways Money is Evolving

Ericsson – Part 2- Mobile Money – Six ways Money is Evolving – 11 Ideas on 5G Monetization Opportunities – 3 Highlights of Secure and Trustworthy Networks – 3 Key Concepts for Holographic Communications – 4 Core Strategy Concepts to Indoor 5G – 5 Key Concepts in Smart Factory ROI in Industry 4.0 – A Guide to Deploying Cloud Native Platforms for 5G – AI Agents Enhancing Reinforcement Learning in a 5G world – Highlights of Augmented Reality over 5G – Money Wallet Platform – Three Core Concepts to Responsible AI via IBM.comThree Highlights of Enabling Net Zero – 4 Key Stages in Cloud Maturity Model Part 2 – 4 Levels in a Cloud Maturity Model Part 1 – 5 Concepts in What is an IAM System and What Does it Do – 6 Core Use Cases on Cloud Infrastructure Security – 5 Cost Impacts of a Supply Chain Breach – Part 2 – Why are Supply Chains Vulnerable – Part 1 – Multilayered Email Protection with Zero-day Threat Defense 6 Key Points Prevailion’s Apex Compromise Intelligence platform

Europa.EU – 8 Concepts in a European Green Deal by the European Commission

European Central Bank – 5 Key Concepts on ECB Deadlines for Banks to Manage Climate and Environmental Risks – Top-10 Resolutions in Robotic Process Automation

Everbridge – Eight Key Benefits to a Digital Operations Center – Highlights of Cyber Incident Reporting for Critical Infrastructure Act – 9 Key Concepts in Selecting a Virtual Desktop Partner – Mobile Device Management – 11 Key Concepts of Managed Penetration Testing -CSPM vs CWPP vs CASB – SOC-as-a-Service or VSOC – What is it and What does It Cost – Zen of Cybersecurity Culture

Explore BrokerTec Trading Platform from CME Group – 5 Ideas on Machine Learning and Global Intelligence – 7 Cool Concepts + 4 Use Cases on Distributed Cloud Multi-Cloud Transit – SaaS-based Security for Web Apps and APIs – SaaS-based Security for Web Apps and APIs – 3 Key Concepts for a Successful Cloud Migration – 6 Critical Concepts in Using Search to Avoid Fraud – Sandbox Analysis Malware Detection – Partner Incentive Programs: Be Careful What You Incentivize x – Partner Incentive Programs: Be Careful What You Incentivize x

Financial Guidance – 5 Concepts to Investing in ESG – Automated Product Security for Connected Devices

Fitness – AI-Driven Virtual Agents Speed Customer Communications Customers in Motion with Cloud Contact Centers – Data Warehouse and Data Lakes + Five Levels in Data Automation – Fixed Versus Flexible Logistics

Flexential Infrastructure-as-Code Development Approach

Flexxible IT Adds FlexxDesktop DAAS Solution 6 Key Concepts of Sales Quotes – Five Phases to Data Loss Protection DLP Success – Machine Learning Defined, Explained, and Explored – All-In AI with Latitude AI for Automated Driving Technology

Forma.AI – Intelligence in Sales Compensation – What is Digital Risk Protection – 6 Benefits of Cloud Security Posture Management – 6 Differentiators for MSSPs – 7 Key Benefits in SD-WAN Security Research Labs – Cybersecurity Assessments & Readiness – Arista “Digital Twin” CloudVision

Founder Advisors Startup Advisory Team as a Service (ATaaS) – 6 Core Concepts in Intent-Driven Marketing – 4 Concept in Yard Management System High Detention Issues Expertise Bring ExceptionaL Performance – Highlights from Cybersecurity Sales and Marketing – 11 Core Concepts to a Digital Marketing Plan – 4 Reasons Why Do Cloud Misconfigurations Occur – 4 Cloud Security Breaches via Misconfigurations – FutureCon Cybersecurity Conferences – Five Core Concepts for Talent Board, Acquisition and Onboarding – 5 Risks of an Insecure Network – 5 Simple Signs You Have Weak – 8 Concepts in Crypto Capital Markets Ecosystem – 6 Core Concepts to Agriculture Health – Privileged, Service and Local Account Password Management – Manage Network Exinda Network Orchestrator – Highlights of 5 Core Concepts to Customer Experience CX – 4 Core Concepts in Omnichannel Communications – 6 Key Concepts in Optimal Customer Experience – 10 Key Concepts for AI-Assisted Industrial Security – 11 Key Points on K-12 Security Filter

Google Cloud 7 Key Challenges for Security Analyst Training – Top 5 Marketing Tips for MSPs – 5 Key Concepts for Influencer Marketing – 7 Critical Marketing Playbooks – 7 Winning Playbooks Customers for Growth – Protect Your Cyber Security Wellness – 3 Types of and Planning for Penetration Testing – 3 Basics and 3 Insights on Corporate Education – It takes a hacker to know a hacker – Bug Bounty Program – 6 Tips on Security Awareness Training – 6 Tips on Security Awareness Training – 8 Concepts to Transform your CI/CD

Harness.IO – 9 Key Concepts for Cloud Cost Management for Engineering – Managed Security Services (MSS) Concepts – 5 Key Points in Choosing the Right EPDR – Key Endpoint Threats – Avoid 4 CSPM Mistakes

Hologram.IO – Cybersecurity Labeling for IoT Devices – 6 Core Concepts in Security Awareness Training – 6 Core Concepts in API Threat Protection

Hotels-Hospitality and Business Events – Here are highlights of Seven Tech Trends

Hubspot – 6 Vital Concepts on Short Form Videos – Defense Evasion as a Concept using Timestamping – Human v. Machine Threat Hunting

Hylan – Building and Making Smart Cities Smart – 6 Key Elements in an Incident Response Plan

IBM – Paying a ransom: 5 Things to consider – Part 3

IBM Personal AI Automation Watson Orchestrate – 3 Key Benefit – 4 Core Concepts in Increasing Return on Cybersecurity via AI – 4 Core Concepts to a Programmatic Approach to Cloud Security – 5 Core Concepts on Why is Cloud Security Important – 5 Key Mobile Device Management Tools – 7 Steps in Ransomware Incident Lifecycle – Part 2 – Digital-Blended & Triple Extortion Attacks – Incident Response and Threat Intelligence Service – Part 1 – Three Core Concepts to Responsible AI – 4 Benefits and 6 Reasons for MSPs to Partner – Look Ma, the Data Center is in the Cloud – 7 Core Concepts in Team Char Communication – Six Innovation Solutions in Food Safety and Sustainability

Identity and Access Management Platform overview from OpenText

IEA – Lower Oil Demand – 10-Point Plan to Cut Oil Use – Nodeware Patented Vulnerability Management Solution for MSP MSSP’s – 4 Concepts in Holographic Communications – Highlights of 10 Concepts in Zero Trust Segmentation

Impact of Log4 – Channel Marketing Automation Acceleration – 3 Highlights of Why Attackers Target the Financial Services Industry – 4 Key Highlights of API-Security Research Report – Crowd-Sourced + Bot Threat Intelligence & More Building New Databases with SaaS as a Service

Improving Business Performance with SD-WAN from Spectrum – 5 Living Principals of Doing Yoga Recommended – 9 Core Concepts for Mobile Application Scanning

Infinidat Containers in the Cloud – 5 Key Concepts in Hybrid Workplace Security – 6 Key Concepts in Data Masking Preventing Data Leakage

Infovista – The 7 building Blocks of Cloud Customer Experience – Highlights of 5 Ways Google Helps Multi-Cloud Settings – Enterprise Data Protection with Cyber Resilience Technologies – Enterprise Data Protection with Cyber Resilience Technologies

Integrated Research – 9 Key Points on Stress Testing for Video – 5 Core Concepts in AI in the Contact Center

Inteliquent Explores the 3 Key Different Types of Hybrid Work Models

Introduction to Zero Trust Security by – Highlights of 6 Cloud Security Threats Now and Beyond – IT Support Bots Providing Real Business Benefits

Invigorating Healthy Habits from ATAQ

Involve.AI – AI Drives Customer Success

Involve.AI 7 Key Points to Transform Your Customer Data into Revenue Retention and Growth – 5 Core Concepts in MSP Road to Digitalization 7 – Core Concepts for Video Surveillance – 5 Highlights of How to Change to a Security-Conscious Culture – 5 Concepts Inside The Enterprise Browser – A Private Label “Enterprise Browser” – What Keeps CISOs Up At Night and How to Get More Sleep – 4 Things to Consider for Your Marketing Channel Strategy – Buying or Selling your MSP could not be easier

ITpro.TV – Five core concepts in IT training – Five Reasons Digital Employee Experience (DEX) Is Essential – 5 API and iPaaS Cybersecurity Best Practices – Expanding Virtual Tours for Commercial Office Space Selection – 6 Core Concepts in Omnichannel Authentication – 3 Digital Signature Technologies and 4 Applications – How does AML and KYC Work – Part 2 – Understanding Anti-Money Laundering AML and Know Your Customer KYC – Part 1

JumpCloud – 6 Key Points to Build a Directory Entirely in the Cloud

JumpCloud – 8 Key Points from Work from Home – Benefits of a Cyber Asset Attack Surface Management

Justice.Gov – 5 Highlights of Electronic Evidence in Criminal Investigations

Kablamo Brings Digital Transformation to Digital Media Company – 5 Key Concepts for Software Defined Fabric – 5 Key Concepts to Prevent Customer Churn – 7 Keys to Key Account Management for Key Account Managers KAMs – 14 Key Concepts in a MSPs Management Solution – 4 Ways Cloud Security is Different

Kayran.IO – Vulnerability Scanning Concepts

Kayran.IO – Web Penetration Testing

KAZOO from 2600Hz Open Communications Suite – 5 Key Kinds of IoT Devices – 6 Categories of IoT Solutions Providers – Five Keys to Communicating Remotely

Key Advantages of AireSpring SD-WAN Solutions

Key Concepts in Securing the Extended Internet of Things (XIoT) via – Highlights of 7 Steps to Partner Success – Highlights of 5 for Software Transition Success

Kirstel – Top 8 B2B Social Media Insights For 2022 by Evan Kirstel – 7 Key Concepts in Compliance Training Topics – Geolocation and IoT Benefits of LoRaWAN Geolocation

Kore.AI – 8 Critical Concepts for AI Powered Search

Kore.AI – Kore.AI – 5 Ways Intelligence Voice Agents IVAs Improve Sales Operations – 5 Compelling Steps to Mitigate Cyber Threats – Part 2 – Triple Threat Loop – Triple Whammy Global Threats – Part 1

Kriptos.IO – Highlights of What You Need to Know about ISO 31000 – Security Operations and Response Services – Highlights of 6 Ways to Make IT Greener – 4 Concepts in Cloud Data Security Works – Data Security Posture Management (DSPM) versus Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) – Highlights of Three Predictions and COE for CyberSecurity

Landing.AI – Machine Learning

LeadershipSmarts – The Art of Alignment

Leap.Expert  – 6 Core Concepts in a Comprehensive Communications Platform – Federated Messaging Orchestration Platform 

Learning Management System Building a Corporate or Educational University

Learning Management System LMS – 20 Key Core Concepts

Learning Management System Open Communications Model – OCI – 6 Concepts for Software Security – 6 CSPM Best Practices – Kinds of IoT Sustainability – Kinds of IoT Sustainability

LinkPD – Agile Product Development Accelerates Living

Live Music and Theatre Performances – 5 Issues and 8 Critical Actions to Respond to Email Attacks – 7 – Tips for Improving Your Cybersecurity Program – Why Digital Transformation Often Fails and 9 Viable Solutions – Why Digital Transformation Often Fails and 9 Viable Solutions – 4 Concepts in AIOps for Monitoring with an Early Warning System – 6 Tips for MSPs Selecting a Performance Monitoring Solution – AIOps Delivers Real Benefits for MSPs

Logitech Gets on the Right Side of Hybrid Meetings

Logitech Hello Room Service, Send Up the Right Room ! – 3 Types of Student Assessments to Assess Learning – Part 1 – Four Options in Formative Learning Assessments Part 2 – 3 Core Use Cases for User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) – Best Practices for Security Monitoring During a Crisis

Look Ma No Wires Charging Without Wires from WiTricity – Automated Structured and Unstructured Threat Intelligence – 9 Core Concepts in Open-source intelligence (OSINT) – Omnichannel Engagement through CMS – PIM – DAM – 10 Concepts of SASE – 3 Types Of Edge Computing And When To Use Them – 6 Key Concepts of SASE Solutions Selection – 7 Key Findings in Cybersecurity Quarterly Report – CISO as a Service Ondemand Security Leadership via – Cloud Repatriation to the Cloud and Back Again – Composable infrastructure Core to an ESG Policy – Part 2 – Highlights of Five Core Concepts in an ESG Policy – Part 1 – Ransomware 4 Key Concepts and 4 Critical Actions – Training the First and Best Line of Security Defense – Total Awareness – Training the First and Best Line of Security Defense – Phishing – 9 Key Concepts in Attack Simulation and Detection

Machine-Learning Trained by Patients-on-a-Chip via Quris.AI – 4 Key Advantages of an LTE-Driven WWAN – 6 Highlights of Contingent Workforce ROI

Make Educated Technology Decisions with TECREF – Get Cyber Smart – Top-10 Highlights of IT Management Tools Consumer data privacy regulation – Opportunity for MSPs – 3 Steps to Threat Intelligence – Revenue Generating Tools to Grow Your Business – The McClure Method in Engineering & Development – 3 Reasons Why and 3 Benefits of Net Zero Built Environment Council – Six Golden Rules for Software and Application Security – 3 Core Concepts for ZTNA Solutions – 3 Core Concepts for ZTNA Solutions – 4 Key Digital Methodologies to Business Transformation – 4 Recommendations to Improve ESG Reporting

Microsoft IoT – 3 Ransomware Protection Strategies – 7 Key CSPM Capabilities – Highlights of 12 Tactics and Techniques in MITRE ATT&CKs – Security Initiative Made Easy – Top 10 Hyperintelligence Use Cases – X1 Precision Cyber Detection – Highlights of AI and Social Graphing – 4 Key Concepts to MSP Security Services – 4 Key Concepts to MSP Security Services – Never Pay Ransom

Mitel – 5 Ways to Fix Team Collaboration – 11 Cybersecurity Tips and Best Practices

Mojenta – 3 Tips to Avoid Social Pitfalls

Mojenta – Tactics and Tips for Successful – 6 Points on OTT Mobile Communications

MSP Pricing for Profitability by

Multi-Factor Authentication MFA Solutions from Double Octopus

Multi-Layer Authentication Plus Multi-Layer Protection via Wasabi

Museums – Pace with ESG Disclosure Requirements – 15 Key Concepts in MSP RMM Manager – Five key concepts in the NASDAQ ESG Advisor Program – Part 1 Five Key Concepts on Nasdaq ESG Guidance – Part 2 – 8 SaaS Solution Design Capabilities and 6 Customer Results – 3 Approaches to telling users to ‘avoid clicking bad links’ – 6 Advantages and 5 Disadvantages of CSPM – Free ITIL 4 Awareness Course – Encrypted Traffic Analysis for Telco-Scale Threat Hunting – 4 Key Concepts in Intelligently Automated, Hybrid DDoS Protection and Edge Defense – DDoS Attacks Have Changed: 5 Things You Need to Know – 8 Highlights of Cloud and Threat Report – How to Apply Zero Trust Principles the Right Way – Penetration Testing as a Service PTaaS

Newvoice.AI – Is It Possible to Humanize Virtual Assistants

Nexsan – 4 Benefits of Storage Platform

Nextiva – Intelligent Contact Center Solutions – Highlights of 4 Concepts to Digital Customer Contact Center Engagement – Six Transformative Retail Trends – 5 Options in a Vast Assortment of Connectivity Offerings – 4 Key Concepts for Reputation Intelligence – The National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (NCCoE), Highlights of Guide for Cybersecurity Event Recovery

Normalze.AI – Agentless Secure Cloud Data Discovery and Scanning – 7 Key Concepts for Mobile App Security & DevSecOps – 13 Mitigations for Supply Chain Procurement and Acquisition Part 1 – Highlights of Protective Domain Name System Zero Plus Zero Equals Positive v – Highlights of NTT DATA’s sustainability initiatives – Highlights of NTT DATA’s sustainability initiatives – 3 Key Use Cases for Digital Twins in Cybersecurity – 5 Key Concepts in a Connected Enterprise – Highlights of 8 IT Professional Career Development Tips (in a Managed Services World) – Highlights of 15 Ways to Use Texting in Higher Education – 10 reasons for Salesforce Backup and Restore – 10 reasons for Salesforce Backup and Restore

One – The Power of Video by the Numbers

One – Thoughts on “Why” Video Inspired by Dawn Rodriquez – Nine Tips for Communicating Via Video Conferencing – Strategies for Privileged account management (PAM)

OnePitch – 4 Similarities Between PR and SEO – 3 Core Concepts in ESG & Sustainability Cloud – 5 Best Practices for Building ESG Trust – 5 Highlights of ESG Program Checklist – 3 Types Identity Theft and 5 Means to Protection – Three Core Concepts in AI for IDentification -5 Key Concepts in Cloud Penetration Testing Service – Limitations of ChatGPT: Optimizing Language Models for Dialogue – Highlights of 6 Recommendations for Tackling Rising Cybercrime – 12 Critical Infrastructure Protection Technologies – PKI in Guide to Cybersecurity Technologies and Providers

Opus.Security – Cloud Security Orchestration and Remediation – 5 Myths about Enterprise AI – 6 Benefits of Cloud Security Posture Management CSPM

Orca.Security – 3 Key Points of SideScanning – 4 Core Concepts for Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) – 5 Highlights for Evaluating Cloud-Native Application Protection Platforms or CNAPP – 6 Concepts for a Content Management System – 5 Steps to Building Sustainable Business Security Program – 7 Cybersecurity Protections Every Business Needs – What Is Distributed Marketing – Highlights of 5 Benefits of Managed SASE – – 5 Core Concepts ESG in IT Contracts – Types of and 4 Steps in the Anatomy of an API Attack – 4 Tips for Security Threat Modeling

PartnerFleet.IO – Partner Marketplace Platform – Affiliate Vs. Partner Marketing

Pax8 and WatchGuard Partner UP for Security – 5 Key Highlights of Channel Trends

PeaceKeepers Organizational Plan

Pegasystems 5 Ideas on How to get started with AI – 10 Key Concepts for Zero Trust Application Access (ZTAA)

Personalized Security Training – Making Driverless Cars Safer and Smarter

PhoneSuite Hospitality PBX – 3 Functionals and 3 Key Features for xIoT Devices – SMS-Text Messaging vs Email Marketing Engagement & Conversion Rates – 6 Tell-tale Signs of a Phishing Email – 6 Tell-tale Signs of a Phishing Email

Podcasting – Get your own Private-Label “TalkTalk” Podcasting Platform now. – 3 Core Concepts in Remote Work “Spaces” – 10 Shortcomings in ZTNA

Post, Produce & Promote New or Existing Videos for Free on ChannelPartner.TV – 10 Steps to Reinvent Your Network for a Digital Cloud World – 7 – Key Points Focus Business, Not Flow of Funds

Private Branded Buyers Guide Solutions for ICT Providers and Partners – 3 Key Types of Penetration Testing Pen Testing

Prodoscore Defends Your Productivity Intelligence Data – 7 Key Points – 6 Core Concepts in Being a Data-Driven Manager – 8 Modules in AI, Data Transformation, ESG Training Academies – 3 Levels in Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification

Proofpoint – 5 Things to Focus on as a Managed Security Services Provider – 14 Key Concepts in a Cloud App Security Broker (CASB) – 5 Considerations for a CSPM Solution – 8 Tips to Rapidly Launch AI projects – 10 ways ESG is Shaping the Future – 6 Core Concepts in a Decision Intelligence Platform – 7 Concepts in an AI-powered IoT Toolkit – 7 Key Concepts to Moving from Passive to Active analytics – 5 Core Concepts in AI

QuantumMetric Building Products Customers Really Want – The Art of Storage Bursting, Seamlessly for Media-Entertainment

Radish Systems – 6 Practical Pointers for Coping with Hearing Loss – Communications and Digital Engagement Solutions Built to Scale – 9 Core Concepts in Cloud IoT – 4 Common Vulnerabilities to Cloud Infrastructure – 5 Core Recruitment Process Outsourcing RPO Models – Effective Cybersecurity Training Using Orchestration – 4 Best practices for adopting CSPM – 4 Key Points in Unified Multi-Cloud Inventory

Raven.AI – Power Manufacturing Process Improvement – 10 Key Reasons to Replace an MSSP or MDR – 4 Types of Penetration Testing Security Vulnerabilities – Digital Resilience Score – 3 Concepts in AI’s Impact on Penetration Testing – Part 1- SOC 2 Compliance with Pen Testing and Vulnerability Scanning – Part 2- 6 Concepts in Pentesting – 3 Metrics That Matter to CISO’s – 5 Concepts in Hyper Converged Console

Resolve.IO RPA – Robotic Process Automation

ResourceGuru – 5 Tips for Better Project Management

Retrospect Backup Anomaly Exception Detection – ESG Investment Market Outlook Report – Can Self-Driving Software Help Your Sales Team

RingCentral API – 6 benefits of Device as a Service (DaaS) – 5 VoIP Solutions Every MSP Should Offer – 5 – Key Tips for Vendor Intake and Automated Risk Security Scoring – Accelerating App Migration to IaaS – 3 Concepts that Divides Data in the Supply Chain

Robotic Process Automaton by UiPath

Rockies Venture Club – What is Meta Due Diligence for Angel & Venture Capital Investment? – Three Core Pillars of – Part 1 – Top six reasons to invest Part 2 – 5 Steps in State of Smart Manufacturing Report – 5 Steps in State of Smart Manufacturing Report 6 Key Points – After the Attack – Ransomware Investigation – Part 2 – 5 Key Points Before the Attack – Ransomware Investigation – Part 1  – 4 Core Concepts to MSP Alerts – 6 Core Concepts in Unified Business Communications Security Solutions – 7 Core Concepts in Hospitality Access – Informed Access Decisions Based on AI – 10 Ways to Put Sales Automation in Action

Salt Security Cyber Attacks Attacking API Profiles

Salt.Security – 4 Key Architecture Attributes in API security – 10 Key Smart factory Technologies – Part 2 – Key Procedures in a Smart Factory – Part 1 – 9 Core Concepts to Achieve Business Agility – 5 Building Blocks You Need to Scale Your MSP – Actionable Client Communication Strategies for MSPs

SD-WAN technology’s future with MEF certifications via Spirent

Searchable.AI 5 Steps to Refresh Your Digital Habits – Cybersecurity Risk Management, Strategy, Governance, and Incident Disclosure Proposed Rule

Section.IO – 6 Core Concepts in Global SaaS Deployment – Four Core Concepts on Security Compliance Training – 3 Key Concepts in 1-minute of an Emergency Incident Response Service – 5 Things Your MDR Solution Must Do – Automate Data Access Governance for Sensitive Data – 3 Key First Responders in Ransomware Payments – Highlights of Threat Actors Using ChatGPT – 5 Concepts in a Managed Network Access Control (NAC) – Accelerating Risk Intelligence – 7 Key Concepts in Cloud Security Monitoring

Sellerz.IO – Boost Conversion by Engaging Over Smart Video Experience – On the Board of Directors? 6 Cybersecurity Myths – The Five Best Practices for CISOs Considering XDR

SEO – Understanding the Real Value of a SEO Master – 5 Concepts in Enterprise Browser Security – 5 Key Points on Enterprise Browser Security

Serve Robotic Reaches Level 4 – Levels 1-5 Vehicle Autonomy Levels Explained – Five Concepts in Asset Attack Surface Management

Shake Marketing Key Points about B2B Marketing – 5 Key Concepts in Communication Compliance Platform

Sierra Wireless – Enabling Smarter Edge-to-Cloud Intelligence – 4 Key Concepts in Data Science an as Art – 5 Reasons for Headless via CMS Development – 4 Concepts in Building Automated Communications

Silent Breach – The Value of a Virtual Chief Information Security Officer vCISO – Eight benefits of Virtual Chief Information Security Officer or vCISO as a Service

Silk.US – 4 Key Tips to Lower Cloud Costs – Optimize Cyber Readiness – Virtual Reality Simplified with An App – Sweating for Successful Performance – Five Highlights of Threat Predictions – 6 Cloud Access Security Broker Concepts Data Security for the Digital Transformation – 6 Concepts in Customer Engagement Searchlight Cyber -Six benefits of Investigations on the Deep and Darkweb

Smart Grid Discussion – Reducing Waste via Blockchain Trading Platform – Salus Commodities Trading Blockchain Platform – 6 Insights on Data Analytics Trends – Context Matters – Highlights to 3 Steps to Upleveling Your Cybersecurity Strategy  – Why is CSPM Important and Share Responsibility Model – State of Cloud Security Report

Soar Marketing Society – 5 under-invested in marketing activities with high ROI

Soar Marketing Society – Five Ideas for Organizational Marketing

SocialStreaming TV Live and Ondemand Virtual Events Platform – 11 Core Concepts to Using Video for Nearly All HR Efforts – Get Free Weekly or Bi-Weekly Videos for All Your Solutions – Video Job Position Description Example 22 Cool Core Concepts in Learning Management Communications System (LMCS) Accelerating Video Content Innovation – 3 Warning Signs That Your ID Verification Process Is Robbing You of Revenue

Soft-ex – 3 Key Areas to Enhance the Customer Experience for Digital Service Providers (DSPs) – 5 Concepts in Blockchain in the Contact Center – Five key concepts for the CEO in Environmental, Social, and Governance – ESG – Best Practices for ITIL framework in Incident Management – Key Concepts for Incident Management Software

Solutions for Customers Who Can’t Find What They are Looking For via Verin Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM)

Sophos Email Encryption Integration – Five Real-Time Threat Detection Engines – 4 Concepts in Data-In-Use Encryption Advantages – 5 Reasons Why Restaurants are Serving Up Voice AI Phone Ordering

Spacewell Office Hoteling and Desk Booking Software

SparkCognition – AI in Power Generation – Five Employee Onboarding Tips – 6 Concepts in Red Team Program Development and Assessments

Spectrotel has achieved 5G for Enterprise Branch Specialization with Cradlepoint

Spirent – Timing is Critical to Comedy, Financial Trading and More

Splunk – 6 Cloud Strategy Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them – 5 Key Concept for Digital Marketing for Channel Partners – 5 Key Concept for Digital Marketing for Channel Partners – 3 PaaS Benefits of Scalability – 4 Core Concepts in a Cyber Analytics Engine (CAE) – Concepts in Sales Optimization Methodology – Overview of Dynamic Application Security – 4 Highlights of Multi-Cloud Interconnection Solution – 4 Highlights of Multi-Cloud Interconnection Solution

Storg.IO – 5 Key Concepts for Video Cloud Storage Solution – 4 Key Concepts for Multi-cloud Identity Management – 4 Key Concepts in Channel Marketing Automation

Superops.AI 4 Tools for MSP Client Management – 4 Concepts in Cyber ROI Automation – 6 Highlights Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) Buyer’s Guide – 7 Revenue Management Strategies for Content Distribution – Enterprise AI Use Case: Data Aggregation Part 1 – Five Applications for OTT Streaming – Predictive intelligence Part 2 – Six Considerations for Securing Your Supply Chain – 5 Steps to Securing Multi-Cloud Infrastructure – 6 Mitigation Strategies to prevent Cloud DDoS Attacks – 5 Key Concepts in Patch Management

Talkdesk – 7 Benefits to Talkdesk Financial Services Experience Cloud for Insurance – 5 Concepts in Hardened Enterprise Browser – 6 Concepts in Infrastructure-as-a-service IaaS Expense Management – Key Concepts in Supply Chain Security – 5 Highlights of Platform Engineering: The Great Equalizer

Taqtile – Planning for Successful Augmented Realty Using Manifest Accurate Configuration Security with Nipper Enterprise

TBI – “Must Have” Uses for Cloud are BaaS, DRaaS, or BCaaS in 1-Minute

TBI 4 Reasons Cloud Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) is Beneficial for Business

TCG – A Total Communications Group Effort – Channel Technology Orchestration – 6 Types of Reports to Cyber-Proofing Your Business – 6 Core Concepts in Purchasing Workflow Software – 10 Tips Building the Best Engineering and Development Teams – Top-10 Concepts in a Cybersecurity Defense Ecosystem – 4 Common Security Challenges Facing CISOs

Telarus – 3 Business and 5 Technical Benefits to Cloud

Telarus – Be on the Top Tech Distribution Team

Telarus – Remote Equipment Monitoring for Restaurant Food Services – Intrinsic “Built-in” Security – 10 Core Concepts and Use Cases for Session Border Controllers – A “Spy vs Spy” Approach to Stopping Robocalls – 7 Key Capabilities of Cloud Containers as a Service – Part 1 – 7 Tips to Preventing Social Engineering Attacks – Data-Driven Business Scores Drives Better Customer Experience – Comprehensive Security Awareness Training Maximizes Partner Performance – Mobile Softphone for VoIP Service Providers

Tempest Freerunning Runs the World – 3 Core Concepts for Cloud Security Teams – Addressing PCI DSS – Cybersecurity Snapshot: Highlights of 6 Critical Concepts – 9 Ways to Manage Customer Service Response Times – 4 Massive IoT Applications and Use Cases – Cyber-Savvy Directors: Four-Leaf Clovers – 5 Key Points for Video Advertising Review Before You Post – Business Liaison and Consultant Guiding Growth – Parts 1-3 – 4 Core Concepts in Allowlisting and Why is it Needed – Ringfencing and Allowinglisting – 4 Highlights of Threat Intelligence Platform – 6 Steps in a Cloud Attack – 4 Steps to Improve Your IT Decisions – 5 Core Concepts in Digital Transformation Services – Leverage the Thrive5 – How to Sell the Cloud To Executives

Tierpoint – Taking Cover Under the Clouds – Private, Multi, Public and On-Ramp Five Key “Pain Points” in Selling Cloud – Highlights of a Professional Services Automation Platform – Four Core Concepts on ZTNA – Evolution of No-code Security Automation 4 Key Points and 5 Viable Solutions to Phishing Attack Response – 3 Steps to Successfully Select Cyber Insurance

Top 6 Things Employees Look for Before Joining Company via Floatme – 4 Top Reasons for Outsourcing Recruiting – Seven Ways to Stay Vigilant Against Cybersecurity Attacks – 7 Recommendations for Cryptography – 5 Benefits & 5 Tips to Avoid Disaster – Contextual Identity Security – 9 Critical Concepts in Telecom Fraud Prevention and Robocall Mitigation – 6 Concepts to Fight the Shadow IT – 4 Core Courses in Security Education – 6 Considerations in Selecting a Cloud Security Platform – CIEM vs CWPP vs CSPM – 3 Key Concepts in End-to-End Encryption – 3 Classes of Industrial Control Systems (ICS) – 3 Core Email Security Solutions – Highlights from 7 Top UC Vendors Majoring in Education – 3 Core Ways AI and Automation Enhance Cybersecurity Teams – 3 Core Ways AI and Automation Enhance Cybersecurity Teams – Five Secrets to Successful Scheduling in the Contact Center – 16 Specialisms in Cybersecurity

UKG – 3 Key Benefits to Improved Workflow Management – Increasingly Complex Regulatory Cloud Landscape – Suspicious Activity Monitoring & Reporting (SAR) – ESG Integrated Disclosure Project Template Released – ESG Integrated Disclosure Project Template Released – 5 Benefits of Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) – 4 Best Practices for Accelerating EV Incentives – Professional Selling Cybersecurity – 9 Steps in HIPAA Compliance Checklist – Support 10 Multiple Security Compliance Frameworks – Part 1 – Support 7 Multiple Concepts for Privacy Frameworks – Part 2 – 4 Key Concepts in an Edge-To-Edge Backbone – Stop Edge Infiltration and Exfiltration – 6 Key Points Universal Storage Concepts for Media – CSPM & CWPP in Harmony – Zero Trust Security: What It Is, and How It Works

Vectra.AI – Suspicious Port Sweep – Triggers – Causes – Impact – Verify

Vectra.AI – To catch a cyber thief, you must think like a cyber thief

Vectra.AI – Vast AI Security Scoring Threat Detection

Veeam – Kubernetes Drives Simplification of Deployment – 5 Key Concepts in to Automate Cloud Optimization – 5 Key Concepts in to Automate Cloud Optimization – Six Core Concepts to Build Global Cybersecurity Teams 6 Key Concepts for Agencies on White-label Digital Marketing – 5 Key Benefits of a Learning Management System – 4 Gaming Business models for CSPs – Protect, Detect, Recover Cybersecurity – “It takes money to make money” 5 Steps in Hacker Investment Cycle Investing and Getting the Money – Top 8 Attack Incident Classification Patterns

Versa Networks – Fortifying Branch Office Security with SASE

Versational.AI – Improve the Voice of Customer Experience

Vet Pet Care Network

Videos 10 Types for Making the Most of Video by

Videotize, IT Announces Video Press Release News Network  11 Core Concepts in White Label VoIP & UCaaS Solutions – 7 Types of Cyber Security Threats

Virtual “Power Presenter” Program

Virtual Chamber of Commerce

Virtual Cooking, Cooking Classes, Events

Virtual Dining and Parties

Virtual Events – Top-10 Gaining-Retaining Virtual Event Revenues and Attendees “Forever”

Virtual Political Campaigns

Virtual Sales Certification

Virtual Sales Presentations

Virtual Shopping

Virtual Spiritual Centers and Faith

Virtual Visitor and Tourism

Virtual-First Business Model – Highlights of Rebate Management Solutions – Highlights of Rebate Management Solutions – Top 10 Telecom Sales Prospecting Techniques

VMware – The Path from RAN to O-RAN – 2 Core Concepts to Lateral Security to Mitigate Ransomware – 5 Building Blocks in a Multicloud Strategy – 7 Best Practices for Cloud Security Posture Management – 7 Key Mobile Device Management Features – 3 Benefits of Live Video Streaming Benefits Via – 10 Steps to Building a True Customer Service Culture – 3 Awesome Applications of Live Video Streaming Anywhere Anytime – Part 1 – 5 Concepts on Making the Most of Video Meetings – 5 Key Considerations When Developing Secure Chat and Video Conferencing – 5 Retail Solutions Ideas – 5 Steps to Conversational Commerce – 6 – Key Concepts for Healthcare Use Cases for Communications APIs – 6 Voice Use Cases for a Winning Customer Experience Edge – 7 Contact Center Predictions – 7 Contact Center Trends – 7 Enhancements Service Cloud Voice – 7 IT Department Goals and Objectives – 7 Top Reasons Businesses Are Moving Their Communications to the Cloud – 8 Benefits of Cloud Solutions – 9 Cool Tips To Deliver a Powerful Customer-Agent Experience – A Single-Cloud vs. Multi-Cloud Strategy: Which Is Best for Your Business – AI – Using AI to Understand Customer Experience – Building Smart Connections with Smart Numbers – Building Smart Connections with Smart Numbers – Business Benefits of Programmable Voice – Case Study – Building a Customer Experience Leads to Brand Loyalty – Cloud Migration Checklist & Guide – Commercial-Grade Two-Factor Authentication – Customer Experience Do’s ! – We did the Don’ts Now the Do’s – Customer Experience Don’ts – insights from Vonage and others – Engagement Report – Video the New Phone Call – From 4 days to 4 minutes—How Vonage uses Automation to Respond Faster – Highlights of 2FA vs. MFA vs. AMFA – Improving the Retail Experience Using In-Store Analytics – Survey Found Out What the World Really Thinks about Communications – The New Customer Contact Experience – Part 1 – Top 10 Customer Expectation Trends – Top Four Ways SMBs Beat Out Competition – Top Four Ways SMBs Beat Out Competition – Top Three Communications APIs – Video Calling Contact Center Solutions – Video News on Customer Case Study – Key Travel – What are SaaS, PaaS, IaaS and Multi-tenant Hybrid Cloud services – What is Conversational Commerce – Automated Network Penetration Testing Platform – Part 1 – Automated Network Penetration Testing Platform – Part 2

Wabbisoft – 3 Key Concepts for Application Security – 6 Concepts in Comprehensive Access Security – 7 Core Concepts to Edge to Cloud Capabilities

Wasabi Cloud Storage Ransomware

Watchguard – Remote Work Security – 5 Core Concepts in a Unified Security Platform – 5 Core Concepts in Unified Security Platform – UCaaS Platform Built for MSPs – Brief Highlights of Transitioning from SIM to eSIM – Top 5 Security Trends

WEKA – Evolving as Fast as Our Customers’ Needs Do – Sending SMS Messages Using Web-Based Forms and Workflows – 5 Key Highlights of Blueprint for an AI Bill of Rights – 5 Pillars of United States National Cybersecurity Strategy – Part 1 – 5 Pillars of United States National Cybersecurity Strategy – Part 2

Why Compliancy Group is Different

Why Social Streaming TV – 4 Key Concepts in Customer Success Operating Models – 7 Pathways in a Cloud Leader Roadmap for Achieving 10X ROI – Orchestrate User Identity Throughout Customer Lifecycle – 9 Key Elements in a Blueprint for Cloud Security – 4 Key Concepts to Accelerating Process Automation – 6 – Key Pillars of Incentive Program Success – 6 – Key Pillars of Incentive Program Success Exploring the Dark Matter of “Work” – 6 Key Concepts Driving Cloud Success – ZeroThreat Complete X/MDR – ZeroThreat Complete X/MDR – 5 Key Concepts for Supervisor Tools – Learning Content + Component Content Management + Syndication – 3 Core Concept in Edge Computing aka Edge Cloud Centers

Zayo Denies Distributed Denial of Service Attacks

Ze-net – Hospitality Providers are expanding their “Virtual Horizons” – Cyber Brand Protection

Ziff Solutions – 8 Fundamentals of Through-Channel Marketing Automation (TCMA) – 9 Concepts in a Vector Database – 10 Concepts on Internet TV and IPTV – Eight Key Concepts in Sales & Service Call Scripting – 5 Core CSPM Key Capabilities – Top Five Risks & Cures of Perimeter Firewalls

Zultys Contact Center

Zultys Unified Communications – Core Concepts to Waste Getting Reborn