“Your Network is Your Networth”

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ChannelPartner.TV advertising is just part of the effort.

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Inquire about being a premium sponsor of SmartFactory.TV, SmartGrid.TV, DigitalCollege.TV or your own video news network. Email Tom Cross at cross@gocross.com or 303-594-1694

>>Key point – We provide a platform, production, promotion and professional marketing services such as a corporate university or custom branded video news network like BloombergTV.

However, if you have your own content or videos, then just use our services for promotion only in banners and social media.


Provide your own banner or we build one for you (banner is 1500×150) with a strong CTA-call to action recommended on either ChannelPartner.TV or SmartFactory.TV in 5-second intervals up to 20 seconds – $500 for 5-seconds per month with discounts available for annual placement for both channels.


All videos are promoted on Linkedin to more than 32K+ and growing fans via Linkedin Personal Profile or 16K and Linkedin Groups as the Owner of the Largest Linkedin Group Virtual Enterprise on Smart Factory, MSP/MSSPs with 20.6K members and other categories such as cybersecurity, cyberbusiness, AI, IoT, video streaming news Podcasts Hybrid Events and other Linkedin Groups Virtual Events  Virtual Meetings | Virtual Events, AI User Forum, and other Linkedin groups as quests.

There may be others that are less price but few have the social media reach to MSP/MSSPs, channel partners that we have.

VIDEOS including Quick Sales Videos (QSV)

Visit ChannelPartner.TV for 2,000+ quick 1-2 minute “short form” videos in either 16:9 desktop or 9:16 mobile format (default format with another format for extra fee). Note: 9:16 works for TikTok and Linkedin supports both.

We build fast-quick videos for you from scripts of about 200 words (to keep them quick, concise as people are not interested in watching long business videos especially those video interviews with just a bunch of headshots of people droning on and one) provided by you or send a landing page and provide you a draft for approval within 24 hours 7-days a week. 

Once the script is approved, one draft video will be provided at no cost or obligation. If you you have additional changes which we have experienced of never-ending changes, we can do them but it is based on $100/hour prepaid. 

Once video approved and payment received, the video will be posted on ChannelPartner.TV website along with Tom Cross’s Linkedin profile of 15K+ and Linkedin Group of 20K+.

Fees are $730.00+ for each video WHICH INCLUDES SOCIAL MEDIA PROMOTION with special value offers available for annual placement and purchase of video for royalty-free use. Reviews of the videos are mixed like any movie on IMDB, however if you have your own videos they can also be published on ChannelPartner.TV and review Channel Partner.TV for more than 1,800 examples !

Here are two examples of both formats:

Vonage Cloud Migration Guide – Desktop versionMobile version

6 Vital Concepts on Short Form Videos via Hubspot — Desktop versionMobile version

Video Sales Letters (VSL) are the custom branded with your logo and available to you or published on ChannelPartner.TV

Quick Sales Videos 10 Core Concepts here.


With thousands of articles, “highest scores ever” webinars (ask for proof), we can help design, development and delivery though frankly producing short-form 2-minute videos is where we recommend you focus your efforts.


Get access and start streaming anytime to unlimited users with multiple simultaneous channels for your business training, events, press, investor, product announcements, and more. Stream “live” from a studio or smartphone from anywhere.  Recordings are saved, can be transcribed and posted anytime.  Multiple simultaneous channels are available. Fees are flexible including flat-fee for long-term buyers.


BYOP-build your own platform aka “Private YouTube” or “Business TikTok” with unlimited business video meetings, unlimited audio podcasting, virtual events, simultaneous video streaming, newsfeed, content management system library with a customized user interface on a unique domain name with modest setup, video development, banner management and maintenance for annual purchases. Contact to discuss and a demo.


A new award-winning LMS now LMCS is now available as a “add-on” to the video news network platform. This special featureset is available to SocialStreamingTV MSP partners for a special limited time offer. Here is a business strategy plan and video on building a Corporate University. Email for details.


Get a BOGO, special offers for annual purchases, discounts, call for bundles of banners, videos, channels, training and more.  Get and build your own branded private branded platform with three (3) or even four (4) videos per week for a special value offers.


Email Tom Cross at cross@gocross.com or 303-594-1694

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