Get 1 Free “Partner-Branded” Sales Accelerator Videos on Coro Cybersecurity Solutions with 10 Videos Available

Coro partners can receive one Partner-branded “Your Logo Goes Here” Video for FREE and a one-time discount of up to three (3) other Partner-branded videos for $99 each. This is a limited time offer and may be removed without notice. Call 303-594-1694 or email for more. NOTE: Due to high demand, please be patient in downloading videos, you can right-click and download for later viewing or sharing.

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SocialStreamingTV producer and publisher of ChannelPartner.TV the world’s largest channel video news network and leader in business communications solutions revolutionizing the way businesses sell their product, released 10 new “Partner-Branded Videos” based on Coro cyber security solutions for immediate delivery.  Independently written and produced to provide the partner with a fresh and objective view of cybersecurity business solutions the videos are developed and produced to:

– Reduce the Sales Cycle and Costs

– Enhance Prospecting – Lead Generation

– Reduce SDR Ramp time

– Cut Customer Confusion

– Provide Real ROI

– Aids in Powerful CTA-Call To Actions

– Simplify Training

– Provides a Competitive Edge

– Improves website image and enhances CTAs-Calls To Action

– Needed Thought Leadership

and much more.

Another customer added, “quick sales videos also bridge gaps in sales staffing and training, helping newbies get up to speed faster and top performers accelerate even more. These videos are powerful ways to improve website image and enhance CTAs and thought leadership.”

These videos can be branded anyway you like, and importantly “unbranded” or “partner branded.” 

Quick Sales Videos can be ready in hours, not weeks to gain-retain customers now.

The introductory price is $199.00 each with a special offer of all 10 videos for $1,499.00.

Quick Links to Videos

Video #1 – Modular Cybersecurity: Agile Defense for Modern Threats – in 1-minute

In cybersecurity, a modular approach outshines traditional layered strategies. It adapts swiftly to emerging threats, offering agility and efficiency.


Video #2 – Six Core Concepts in Modular Cybersecurity: Streamlining Protection for Modern Threats – in 2-minutes

Modular cybersecurity adapts seamlessly to the dynamic nature of emerging threats, providing a more agile and effective defense.


Video #3 – Highlights of 3 Major Modules and 14 Core Capabilities in New Release – in 2-minute

Modular cybersecurity adapts seamlessly to the dynamic nature of emerging threats, providing a more agile and effective defense.


Video #4 – Highlights of 5 Core Concepts to Prevent Cyber Attacks on Colleges and Universities – in 2-minutes

Core concepts in protecting college and university systems from cyber attacks.


Video #5 – Six Concepts of ZTNA “Inside” SASE Explored – in 2-minutes

ZTNA-zero trust network access is a power means for SASE-security access service edge.


Video #6 – Introduction to Security Access Service Edge (SASE) in 2-Minutes 


Video #7 – Six Elements to Combine Cloud, Email, Endpoint and Data Governance with SASE


Video #8 – Highlights of 5 Kinds of Deepfake Scams via – Part 1 of 2


Video #9 – Highlights of 5 Steps to Stop Deepfakes via Part 2 of 2


Video #10 – Highlights of 4 Critical Concepts in Cyber Defense via


Ordering and Terms

– Customers may view videos online via links provided, however, due to high viewer demand performance can be impacted, to view on your device simply right-click and download demo version.

– Any requests for changes to video or script (the scripts are included for reference, however, changing the content changes the context and it is better to do a new video) results in a new video which is $499 each.

– Orders will be processed by Techtionary Corporation a Registered Colorado Corporation in “good standing” and Credit Card Payments via PayPal, ACH or Zelle.

NOTE: if you pay via credit card, appropriate card fees will be added at $5.00 per hundred fee though Zelle is free.

– Once order is approved and payment is received, customer will be contacted by Tom Cross 303-594-1694 to review order, get logo, website link, answer any questions and advise on production schedule typically 2-5 business days for completion. 

We will also be responsible for production and customer service so please make sure email is on approved lists and not blocked.

– Customer will receive within two-business days their first video to review logo and website. Customer will be allowed one change to logo and website (not content) with subsequent changes are $99 each. 

– SocialStreamingTV is not responsible for issues regarding video content or production, so please review the videos before ordering.

– Once first video is approved, any remaining videos will be completed and provided to customer within 2-5 business days. 

– Once final production is approved of all videos, if subscribed (see Order Form for pricing) promotion of videos on Linkedin to 36K in Tom’s 15.6K here – and in the largest Linkedin Group for MSP/MSSPs with 20.4K members –

– Email to get order form.

– These videos may be eligible for compensation for MDF from Coro under their terms and conditions.

– Subject to change without notice.