Gen Z’s Favorite Brand? Themselves – Get Your Own Media Platform Now

According to Morning Consult, The youngest generation is uniquely fixated on creating and promoting their “personal brands,” a concept otherwise unfamiliar to a majority of U.S. adults.

Two-thirds (67%) of Gen Z adults believe building a personal brand is important, and a similar share (61%) said they currently have or are interested in developing one — the highest among any generation on both accounts.

Posting videos online is one of the most popular methods of personal brand promotion today, and Meta platforms are a favorite for doing so: Instagram is Gen Z adults’ go-to destination for sharing brand-building content, while Facebook holds this title for all U.S. adults.

Young adults’ intense desire to create and advertise specific personas only reinforces the dominance of social media platforms in their everyday lives. And as Gen Zers continue to age into the workforce, this habit may also raise questions for employers looking to recruit and retain them.

Bottom-line – “Your Networth is Your Network” as your career-value is based on the number of Linkedin followers you have as people are viewing your Linkedin profile every time they are communicating with you.

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