DoorBellTV World’s First Website Video Chat for Organization or Personal DoorBell

Forget Annoying Automated Textbots Have Real Conversations with Customers

User reviews:

“DoorBell is a great way to show you’re serious about customer service. If you’re looking for a way to stand out from your competitors when measured for ‘post sales support’ this is it.” Dan Baldwin, Executive Director, Telecom Association

“Makes a website engaging making the company fun.” D.T. – CMO

“Seriously, this is a ‘must-have‘ for every website.” S.C. – Webmaster

“Changes the way I can get help simple solving my problem faster.” – G.R. Support Manager

“Frankly, helps engage with customers faster at their pace and need, making sales faster.” R.T. – CRO

“DoorBell brings real ROI by helping gain new customers and not losing any.” J.T. – MSP

“DoorBellTV is a cool customer-centric critical communications solution for any omnichannel contact center as well as the smallest organization seeking to provide enhanced customer communications,” noted Evan Kirstel expert and thought leader in Unified (UCaaS) and Contact Center (CCaaS) communications follow at @evankirstel and on Linkedin.

BOULDER – DoorBellTVTM is the world’s first website video doorbell.  DoorBellTV accelerates beyond annoying, bothersome and often programmed answer chatbots. Connect live with a live virtual agent to see and talk or just talk with a real person to help you with your needs, problems and questions. No login, email, telephone number, download or even your name is needed or required.

Home video doorbells are easy, cheap and functional, but there is nothing like it anywhere ever seen for websites. Social Streaming TV (SSTV) video DoorBellTV is designed for ease of use with a “ringing bell” and SSTV customer support/admin answer with a private video or audio conference call. If no one is available or busy, DoorBellTV button is not shown on the website.

With literally millions of websites where absolute “nothing happens” with no interaction, engagement, boring content and nearly impossible ways to contact for help, DoorBellTV changes the paradigm from a “stonewall” into a “welcome home,” “home sweet home,” hotel “night bell” experience by being able to talk to a live person in seconds, not getting routed through the typical “phone tree maze” ending up with voice mail or worse disconnected. DoorBellTV is integrated into SocialStreamingTV video streaming, news feed, content library, and virtual events and more some have called it Business TikTok or “Private YouTube” platform.  


DoorBellTV is available for demo anytime on (note: if no agent is available, DoorBellTV button will not appear) If you are interested in a private demo, please email or call 303-594-1694.  We believe to be the first though if you know one let us know. *You do not neeed WordPress or any specific website, contact center or communications solution to get DoorBellTV.


DoorBellTV is part of the SocialStreamingTV video streaming platform, a mobile-ready application for social media curation and content posting tool as well as live video streaming without need for specialized iOS or Android app for viewers on PC/Macs and other devices.

Key features:

  • Private Branded Social Media platform to post essentially unlimited text, images, videos, audio files.
  • Private branded Live Video Streaming (on your own domain, as every time you post on Facebook, YouTube you are making them money not you, isn’t it time for you to “take back” control of you media) for thousands of viewers including sending video from front and back cameras. Note: Other video meeting applications work for small groups where interaction between members is vital, however, once you get above 50 simultaneous channels and need up to 5,000+ viewers with more coming soon, streaming broadcast video is the solution needed. and No Login required – idea for large events like church sermons, graduation ceremonies, sporting events, etc.
  •  DoorBell – World’s First Website ”Doorbell” to start “live” video/audio or audio-only call with viewer
  • ACTicons Calendar – World’s first personal and meeting calendar with ~200 ”action icons”
  • Use “shared screen” options for presentations to large audiences.
  • Archive “movie length” videos up to 120 minutes.
  • Up to 55 simultaneous channels available to millions of live viewers
  • 1:1 video chat and 1:X group chat
  • Repost to Twitter and Linkedin
  • Capture Twitter feeds
  • Built-in unlimited Twitter-like newsfeed but sharing multiple images, videos, etc.
  • Get Together feature with unlimited titles for group audio-only podcasting like Clubhouse and audio-video events – no login or download required
  • Send SMS text messages and email alerts to new events or activities
  • Personal record “Captains Log” video with transcriptions
  • Virtual Events banners separate from home page banners for custom virtual events
  • Speech-to-Text conversion for transcribing events, patient and business meetings, sermons, educational classes, etc.
  • Custom UI-user interface – we appreciate you have your own ideas of what the ideal UI is and are committed to building one that is ideal for you.

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