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Eclipse Learning Partners an innovator in cloud learning management systems has added to their portfolio. You can find more here:

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Are you leveraging your technical training materials to the fullest?

Your staff, your partner network and your customers are counting on you to deliver the knowledge they need to enable them to sell, support, troubleshoot & use your products. If you have videos or documentation posted on your website or on social media, you may have a Training Academy, right? Let’s take a closer look…
Eclipse Learning Partners can provide an upgrade to your current situation by way of providing you with a Learning Management System (LMS) as a Managed Service to make the learning experience more engaging, and content development or production.

  • You, your dealers/partners and your end customers can have people register on the same LMS system, so that you know exactly who has taken which classes.
  • You can also use it as a sales tool to gather leads as to who might be “kicking your tires”, and on which product lines.
    • The LMS can be segmented in a way, so that people of each classification see a different collection of training materials. The internal material stays private, the external material is public, with no VPN’s or Firewalls, because all content is hosted in the cloud.
  • Classes can consist of more than a video; they can include:
    • a scheduled Zoom call with Subject Matter Experts to have a live demo and to ask questions in real time.
    • a test at the end, which can lead to certifications.
    • a poll to gather feedback about the classes they took.
    • a moderated discussion board for students to interact with subject matter experts to drive more engagement, share ideas & get questions answered.
  • Specific content can be pushed out to specific people. So, when a v.2 product update is released, the registered student who already took the v.1 course can be automatically notified that this updated v.2 training is available & they can save time by not having to start from the beginning, they can take a course that is focused on updating them from v.1 to v.2.
  • The bottom line is that you, your staff and your dealers can be more engaged and selling more products, because of the more active relationship this system can promote, and when your customers user experience is the best that it can be, everybody benefits.