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+ Free 5-Point CVR-Customer Value Report – in 1-Minute Read

Key Point – we are not website designers, this is for website designers and owners to help them better understand the experience they provide to their customers/users. As one customer said it best, “if customers think your website-content sucks, they think your solutions suck too.”

Problem – Everyone hates marketing and yet if you don’t do it sales suffers and for many without marketing there are no sales.  Yet nearly all business industry reports indicate that the lack of marketing is the #1 cause of business failure and 80% of business fail within two years. With products and solutions sitting on the shelves, customers just walk by, drive-by’s or drive to or click through to your competitors who have put them in front of customers.  As the saying goes, “top of mind keeps you first in line” as you often don’t when they need you, you need to be in front of them all the time – rain or shine.  One of the most frequently asked questions is – how to gain-close customers much less retain them? And what is “best” form of marketing?  Is it blimps, billboards, branding, search, banners, press, sales lead generation, trade shows, referrals, product reviews or hundreds of other concepts?

Marketing is really hard, many forget it is a marathon, not a sprint, not one and done as customers are only really ready to get a pizza and breaking into that market is even harder.  In B2B as well as B2C, you also need to position your solutions constantly and continuously as well as reposition and respond to an ever increasing list of competitors.  The pandemic changed everyone’s plans from growth to survival and now everyone is faced with a new work-from-home virtual world where business internally and externally is less live and increasingly more hybrid.  Nearly every business survey suggests that you must have a “hybrid business model” as events, conferences, sales calls, and professional networking will be both online and onsite.

Solution – We bring together experts with decades of all forms of marketing.  We can help you be your coach in your own DIY marketing plans, review plans, enhance plans, reposition plans for new products and solutions and more.  If you need a plan we can design, develop, and deliver for you marketing plans based on any budget and work with you on an hourly basis with no commitment required or be your ongoing fractional marketing department. 

If you have a team, we can complement your efforts with ondemand our “firefighters” to help you with the smallest to million dollar projects.  If you need an ad or branding agency, we can help you find one.  We have done this and can do it cost-effectively for you.  With vast experience in marketing B2B solutions, we have organized this chart to help you whether you need our help or now with your own marketing plans. 

To help you get your website-content back on track, we can provide you with a free CVR-customer value report (this is a limited time offer and may be removed without notice).  This evaluation and analysis reviews your public website in five areas: content technical and management level, content ROI/TCO value, customer engagement, calls to action, and navigation in a one-page report.

As one CMO said, “if you don’t provide customers with a powerful customer experience then why bother, time to start over, rethink, rebuild and never stop.

Summary – Marketing is tough and getting tougher.  We built the Marketing Services Professional (MSP) program to cut through the exploding complexities of marketing options. Whether you need an hourly marcom advisor, guide, coach to full-time marketing leader and team we are there for you.  Our goal is to help you “reduce the sales cycle,” beat and win against competitors with faster ROI and lower TCO.  We are ready to take action today, are you?

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