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Be a CheerleadersChampion(tm) with CheerleadersTV streaming selling – video producers can publish up to 50 simultaneous live video global video channels 7×24 and “Buy Now” call to action buttons direct to your products and solutions.  You can have private 1:1 and 1:X multiperson classes, meetings and virtual events and webinars along with video content library.  

If you are making or selling you win with CheerleadersTV promoting your fitness athletic wear, training, uniform skirt, uniforms and tops, bodysuits, cheer camps, cheer chants, lightsticks, coaching, travel, team gear, biker shorts, pompoms, jewelry, action sneakers, cheerleading shoes, cheer stand, T shirts, foam gear, athletic skorts, baseball caps, slide sandals, swag, souvenirs, flipflops, sweatpants, disposable masks, megaphone, custom iphone cases, makeup, beauty aids, glitter makeup, vitamins, compression shorts, sports bras, sunglasses, hair care, hair ties, tanning, skin care, cosmetics, hydration, sports nutrition, jeans, sleeperwear, sleeping earplugs, backpacks, cinch sacks, smartphones, massage and physical therapy, counseling, mental health, phone charger, practice gear, performance gear, dance wear, camping and camp gear and wear, uniforms, fashion, apparel, bobbleheads, trophies, warmups, luggage, totes, mats, water bottles, healthcare, meds, team scheduling, emergency room, travel mugs, room decor, hydration, energy bars, firstaid kits, stunt stands, stunt bands, ring light, vacation, video editors, ride sharing, bus charter, cruising, tourism, travel air and cruise line, tension sleeves, knee sleeves, performance socks, and much more.

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Banner Advertising

Banner ads are available in 5-second increments up to 30-seconds starting at $100 a month plus options for multi-channel video streaming along with content library, webinars – virtual events and much more. Email or call 303-594-1694