MSPs are Losing Billions Bypassed by Self-Service Buyers + MSPs When You Fail, Here are the Reasons Why + Turn Your Business Around With These 5 Survival Strategies for MSPs

MSP Wakeup Call – More than half of all sales MSPs never see because customers who buy direct-first and then always thereafter.

MSPs are Losing Billions Bypassed by Self-Service Buyers Plus 5 Survival Strategies for MSPs.

Key Point – MSPs are increasingly not involved at all in customer buying decisions.

For many businesses of all sizes for all technologies.

Forrest (click on image for complete presentation) highlights the revenue disaster underway with:

 – 68% of self-service initial purchases made on vendor websites involve dollar amounts up to $250,000.

Plus 56% of B2B purchases by Millennials using digital sources are completed with self-service tools. 

– And Forrester added “Buying practices have changed faster than selling practices have, and buyers are in control.”

In other words, more than half of all sales MSPs never see customers who buy direct-first and then always.

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Here are five survival must-have strategies.

1 – Isolate and insulate – security begins at the beginning and never ends.

Starting and growing a business is not just digital.

It is but virtual and security occurs with everyone and everywhere and on every device.

2 – Communicate – more than constant emails, webinars, time to personalize beyond the buyer.

Forrest said “they don’t want office calls, demos, “after hours” events.

These new buyers have a new lifestyle, recognize that, embrace it and adapt faster.

3 – Iterate – AI is just one example of a “firestorm” of technology.

There will also be thousands of new technologies, processes, devices coming.

With more that may and more likely may not impact next-generation buyers.

But be ready to accommodate to do more.

Who are socially, environmentally and politically different.

4 – Collaborate – realize you want to be their go-to-first for anything.

But ready that more and more parts, products will be needed and used. 

Marketplace competition brings new ideas and opportunities.

5 – Innovate – show you are innovating faster without dictating.

but involving, demoing, immersing and opening to new everything.

Bottom-line – 68% buying self-service is only going to rise by all companies.

This is a “red alert” as “obliterate” is coming next.

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