Name, Image, Likeness NIL – 5 Do’s and 4 Don’ts from the

Here are 5 Do’s and 4 Don’ts from the NCAA.

1 – Do Permit individuals to benefit from their name, image, likeness. 

2 – Do Protect and promote the national recruiting environment and fair competition. 

3 – Do Allow the membership to develop experience that may impact future policy changes. 

4 – Do Incorporate student-athlete feedback. 

5 – Do Acknowledge the need for schools and student athletes to comply with state law.

Here are 4 Don’ts. 

1 – Don’t Allow compensation for name image likeness contingent on enrollment at a particular institution. 

2 – Don’t Allow compensation for athletic participation or achievement or “pay for play”.

3 – Don’t Permit compensation for work not performed.

4 – Don’t Allow “impermissible inducements” to remain in effect.

And a few final thoughts.

The NCAA makes rules, “not” state or local laws – check them first.

You lose your Amateur Status if you “sign a contract” or commitment of any kind to play professional athletics.

There are many benefits but get professional guidance “inside” the state where you live.

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