Human Neural Networks: Children in Search of Knowledge in 3-Minutes via

Most neural networks sometimes called expert systems are like very young children.

The basic building blocks are there: the muscles, nervous system, brain, blood, etc.

Data are gathered by humans at a rapid rate,

and the mental processes react and are capable of acting,

at an ever-increasing rate on their own.

Networking of data by the brain organizes the child’s words, actions, and emotions into speech

and movement.

It is a human neural network approach that makes this work.

Any human activity depends upon coordination of many muscles and muscle groups.

This is one type of human neural “knowledge system”.

Each person’s knowledge system or “personality” forms the basis for their approach to the world around them.

The term “neural” often implies a system of links that connect points,

much like intersections connect highways.

The development of machine-based neural networks might also give rise to a greater understanding of human thinking processes.

Neural networks grow in our own minds as there is no rigid networking system,

only patterns which reflect a certain type of activity,

such as walking, reading, or speaking.

As we learn, these patterns become vastly complex.

They are established and reinforced over time as a result of our environment.

Certain personality traits emerge that,

depending on the nature of the thinking required,

give us the ability to process certain types of information,

more effectively or more efficiently than others.

People who can remember faces, telephone numbers, or dates better than we can.

We all have certain thinking patterns that are distinctly,

different and allow us to see the world in our way, often to a fault.

Searching with these patterns or, rather, neural networks, is a process of thinking.

Designing a human neural network requires no machine,

merely a descending list of alternatives.

Consider that a human neural network at any point,

may have an infinite number of connecting links to other points.

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