Video Sales Letters 10 Core Concepts – Selling 24×7

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“Quick videos explain benefits to customers faster, easier and with greater engagement and retention to more audiences than any other medium. Video sales letters are easy to produce for special CTA-calls to actions, offers and new use cases including ondemand virtual video trade shows for immediate sales meetings.”

One CRO said, “this is nuts, the easiest decision I ever made, a great competitive edge, gives our customers and channel partners, the best selling info – faster with better information for their websites, newsletters and emails, we’re thinking not just weekly even daily or even more as we have can both key use cases but new solutions for new markets.” Not saying you should but you could also use AI to write the script.

Here are 10 core concepts to consider:

1 – Call To Actions – there is no action without a call to action.

Avoid discounts as that is your new price.

This can negatively impact margins without increasing sales.

Bundles are great as you can mix and match solutions services.

2 – Core Business Concepts – focus on the buyer and company benefit.

Remember the buyer does not often or even likely have ownership in the business.

This means avoid using “you” in messaging as it is not “their” business or money.

3 – Focus on real business benefits.

Companies buy on these four concepts.

– Lower costs – reduces overhead, labor and technology costs go straight to the “bottom-line”.

– Increase revenues – harder to address as this could raise sales and marketing costs.

– Simplify operations – reduce process congestion or supply chain.

5 – Produce video “use cases’ ‘ for every conceivable buyer – enterprise to flower shop.

Short videos like this one addresses the WIIFM – what’s in it for me buyer needs, not just wants.

6 – Produce videos for every buyer or buy-in involved.

As you will never-ever know “everyone” who is involved in the decision-making process.

From CEO to front-line, from first contact to customer services.

Produce videos to show how “each person” will benefit as they may be the person you need.

7 – Keep content fresh.

Produce videos daily and weekly and then refresh like “fresh bread”.

8 – Stay current with business “climate”.

Always have new videos on current business topics like “how interest rates will impact” customers.

9 – Produce something not expected so “go wild” or “futuristic”.

Or critical to making the world a bit better and what you are doing about it.

10 – One more time No Action Without a Call To Action.

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