Top 10 Core Concepts in Using Video to Gain-Retain Channel Partners for a Channel Partner Video News Network

After doing more than twenty interviews with channel chiefs, one a CRN channel chief who challenged me with the question “where is your video on using video,” well, here is the 1.5-minute video on using video.

Top 10 Core Concepts in Using Video to Gain-Retain Channel Partners.

 These are the highlights from interviews of many channel chiefs which reflects the thoughts of others interviewed who said.

 “It is really simple, whoever has the best videos on everything you do.

along with concepts like every customer use case possible.

along with customer opening and closing sales tips.

and partner branded videos will be the most successful.”

Here are some core concepts to using video to.

1 – Demonstrate market leadership and innovation.

2 – Engage visually with partners where time is of the essence.

3 – Show customer use cases and opportunities in partner branded videos.

4 – Differentiate your company and solutions from others.

5 – Customize for targeted markets, industries and integrations.

6 – Distribute on company, partner, social media and news releases.

7 – Promote daily and weekly on company news networks and on ChannelPartner.TV network.

8 – Add videos with executive team to show guidance and future direction.

9 – Add training, tech, business videos like this one to help them gain and retain customers and staff.

10 – Hold weekly video streaming partner, events news, virtual trade shows, solutions briefings and more.

and even private conversations using world’s only website video DoorBell.

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Note: Everyone loves the video but not always the audio. Our goal is to build channel and corporate video news networks and if you want to use your own videos or get George Lucas to make them for you we all support that.