Podcasting Galore ! – BYOP-Bring Your Own Podcast

Get your own Private-Label “TalkTalk” Podcasting Platform.

If you do B2B tech podcasts, post or cross post your podcast on ChannelPartner.TV

With so many great audio-only podcasting and video features already inside SocialStreamingTV such as.

1 – Record private only you “Captain’s Log” audio only recordings and podcasts. Add video if you like.

Then record, schedule if you like now or in the future.

Then post and promote your audio only or audio plus music plus video recordings.

2 – Add Invitational private audio only podcasts – invite your team, friends, social media fans for a chat – record and more.

3 – Produce Public open group “town hall” audio only podcasts where anyone can talk or chat.

This is an open stadium of attendees yet could be really interesting.

4 – Produce streaming audio only podcasts where you talk out like a crusader. For a cause or emergency broadcast but users can still text chat with you – talk without being interrupted by people yelling or hecklers.

5 – Develop Audio and Video Virtual Events – group webinars for classroom lectures or team updates.

All recordings can be saved, transcribed to text and then used as needed.

It is all there now and you can add videos to turn whatever you are doing into music videos at any time.

email cross@gocross.com to get going and have some real fun !