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Here is a personal place to headline your social efforts across your social media platforms, personal sites along with videos, podcasts and articles.  To upgrade to corporate private-branded version to add banners for internal breaking news, events, staff promotions and more – email or 303-594-1694

“ is a powerful device independent business solution for everyone involved in sales, support and customer communications.  Being more personal with customer communication enhances personal business connections and networking.  Having a DigitalBusinessCard builds credibility, leadership and personality, now the new “must-have” for everyone. is now recognized with the Super Power Award.”

Dan Baldwin, Executive Director, Telecom Association

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Top-10+ Key Use Cases for – Social Digital – DigitalBusiness Cards – Personal Microsites

Here are just a very few of the major cool benefits to this solution not in priority and there are many more exciting and must-have reasons to have this solution on your website and email signature line.

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1 – Personal Communications

2 – Social Media Influencer

3 – Loyalty Rewards Programs

4 – College/University/Schools

5 – Government

6 – Non-profits

7 – Technology Solutions Providers

8 – Recruiting

9 – Travel – Tourism

10 – Lifestyle

11 – Media Publishing Broadcasting

12 – Personal

Here are the concepts in more detail.

1 – Personal Communications – this solution gives you your own personal social media platform to engage and enthrall personal and business connections with your own “thought leadership.”  People want to know more, and you generally want to share more.  This is your own private social media platform you can update anytime.

2 – Social Media Influencer – if you are a rising star on your fav social media platform you are seriously dependent on the platform to get you more fans and exposure.  You know that the key is really connecting with your fans more than just being the “pitch person” for your advertisers. Having your own SB platform helps you move your fans to your social platform giving you long term connections with your fans.

3 – Loyalty Rewards Programs – whether coffee, airlines, restaurant, hotel and nearly everything else loyalty is often defined by the rewards the member receives.  Swag is nice however this platform can be privately branded to give your members something that “sticks” with members every day.

4 – College/University/Schools – giving newly accepted students to lifelong alumni the world of education is changing.  Engaging with faculty, departments, staff, sports, students and alumni is a complex process.  Rather than one blog per, giving everyone their own personal social place is key to the “college experience” today to retaining and gaining contributions forever.

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5 – Government & Politics– public policy comes from involving public communications.  Public communications come from committees, advisory and regulatory boards, town halls and vast amounts of correspondence.  Writing to your city council, congress person, and importantly with other “birds of a feather” is more important than ever in championing your cause.  For politicians and campaigns more than the massive numbers of email spam, provide communications on a personal level.  Having your own platform for your fans gives them another reason to give and support your efforts.

6 – Non-profits – whether church, public radio, business/banking/insurance association, private charity, civic, social welfare, labor, veterans and others are all critically dependent members, fans, customers, donors and families.  Members and donors are generally, if ever, never of “one type.”  With the challenges facing these groups and new issues such as sustainability, climate change, decarbonization, social issues and societal change are giving rise to even more organizations.  Remaining relevant to your supporters requires you to do more.  Giving your sales, support and all staff along with offering customers their own private-branded personal communications platform is giving them something to remain an “evergreen” to everyone in the mix.

7 – Technology Solutions Providers – nearly every tech provider has some form of channel partner, VAR, system integrator, agent, affiliate or other program that helps you sell to their customers, fans, investors and others.  Yet these partners typically have no loyalty to your solution or company.  They are only loyal to the compensation they receive from the provider and customers.  As the saying goes, “top of mind keeps you first in the line.” Partners are also faced with fierce competition from an increasingly complex portfolio of products to sell and maintain. 

There is a channel partner – reseller program – email

Management of services or managed service providers need better ways to communicate new products, features, updates, and critical alerts.  A “must have” for every salesperson in their email signature provides another personal level in business communications.  Same with support and even the finance department and everyone can add in a line or two about open job(s) and other company opportunities and events.

8 – Recruiting – as the job market tightens further and further, companies need better ways to work with candidates eliminating process frustration as well as ease onboarding.  By providing all involved with digital business cards adds engagement helps everyone feel more involved before and through the lifetime of employment.

9 – Travel – Tourism – Here’s the key problem for hospitality places, resort beaches, mountains and even outer space places – “if your competitors give tourists a better reason to visit their resort, park, hotel, amusement, museum, or flight to outer space they will go there and even again. And they may never-ever come to your hospitality, travel and resort space.” J.D Travel Expert.  For hospitality” spaces” social billboards can build live and ondemand networks with virtual demonstration events and more to show visitors what it will be like when they do come and all the fun things they have as well.

10 – Lifestyle – seems like everyone is a business, culture, fitness, sports and lifestyle coach and if you don’t have one you need one.  Providing tips, tools and ideas inside your social business card can give current fans and prospective fans more of your “thought leadership.”

11 – Media Publishing Broadcasting – if you are a traditional video broadcaster, streaming event system, podcaster or even print publisher, digital billboards are a powerful solution to migrate, expand or start a “fresh idea” for readers.  Give authors of all media their own microsites for “news and views” for their followers under your company brand

12 – PersonalSocial billboards, video business cards or digital business cards are just cool and fun.  This is also a great place to record a video, post a podcast, put a fav video and write your heart out. 

Maybe post your novels on your website but share the link or sample paragraphs, along with your paintings and other creative efforts.

– Plus, one more special reason for social business billboards and cards – Here is the real problem for all websites – “If your competitors give viewers a better reason to visit their website, they will go there and even again. And they may never ever come back to your website.” 

For nearly every solution, build digital social billboards with live and ondemand video and content networks with virtual trade shows, demonstration events and more to show viewers what your solutions are all about and how other customers are finding real ROI and value in using them.

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Corporate Version

DigitalBusinessCards are available as a private-branded version where you can put your own banners for breaking news, promotions, events, thought leadership and more along with optional global video streaming, video meetings, an customer-pleasing video “doorbell”, webinars, virtual events and more coming-soon features than we can count – click here for the highlights and email or call 303-594-1694 to discuss details – we can use our own video meetings solution including the world’s first website video “doorbell” if you like.

Partner Program

A retailer as well as distributor/master level is available Here. With special SPIFFS, custom branded videos like above, banners on ChannelPartner.TV and others and an experienced team of partner professionals is ready to help partners grow sales.

This is always “under construction” and if you have any other ideas, questions or comments, please email at