Top-10 Ideas on How Videos Accelerate SDR Efforts.

Top-10 Ideas on How Videos Accelerate SDR Efforts.

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1 – Videos can be of any form from short form to feature length

with new two-minute videos available even the same day.

2 – Quick sales videos help SDRs with “just-enough just-in-time” content,

bridging hiring gaps in sales staffing needs and turnover,

along with training helping newbies get up to speed faster,

 and top performers accelerate even more,

providing consistent customer messaging 7×24.

3 – Videos can be used across all channels from email, texting, social media,

along with company and partner websites, social media, newsletters, kiosks and emerging tech.

4 – Videos can focus on complex business benefits such as:

– Lowering costs – reducing overhead, labor and technology costs.

– Simplifying operations – such as process automation or supply chain logistics.

– Complex regulatory compliance issues.

– New product announcements, recalls and customer issues.

5 – Videos can be produced for every possible customer “use case”.

6 – Videos can be customized for every conceivable decision-maker.

for every conceivable buyer “persona” from flower shop to global logistic player.

Realize that the person you are talking – communicating with is not likely the decision-maker.

As you will never ever know “everyone” who is involved in the decision-making process.

Videos for the CEO to front-line, from first contact to customer services.

7 – Videos can be produced for WIIFM – “what’s in it for me” buyer needs, not just wants.

Videos can show how “each person” will benefit as they may be the real decision-maker.

and videos address support for special ADA audiences.

8 – Add new videos to keep content fresh daily and weekly and then refreshed like “fresh bread”.

9 – Add strategic videos on global economic “climate” to build thought leadership,

along current business topics like “how interest rates will impact” customers.

10 – Videos are proven to accelerate sales closing with effective CTA-call to actions.

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