Significantly Shorten the “Signing to Selling Cycle” – OnRecruiting-OnBoarding-OnGoing Partner Program – Gain-Sustain-Retain Partners Faster-Easier – Free iPad(s) Offer

Quick Summary – Promote your channel partner program landing page AND/OR use custom video production and for EITHER or BOTH promote them

in the Largest Linkedin Group for MSP/MSSPs of 20K+ members

and Tom Cross’ Linkedin Profile of 15K followers or about 35K

on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to gain-retain channel partners.

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“This is faster-cheaper-better than any other means for acquiring channel partners and iPad is an awesome incentive for success.” J.W CRO/CCO

“An in depth survey found that Chief Channel Officers say that it IS the job of the Channel Partner Manager to do channel partner recruiting.  

At the same time, Channel Partner Managers say it IS the job of the Chief Channel Officer to do channel partner recruiting.  

This really means little or NO recruiting is being done or done inadequately.

Tom’s program makes sure partner recruiting even onboarding is done faster, easier, better and much cheaper than wasting thousands on trade shows, led gen, SEO, etc.” F.B. CEO

Here are some comments from customers and thought leaders:

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“Job #1 for the CCO/CRO is recruiting-onboarding-ongoing channel partners as a business is nothing without great partners. The Partner Recruiting Accelerator Program does that ‘accelerate’ recruiting and much more bring us great channel partners and faster revenues meaning this program also accelerators ROI.” J.S CRO 

“As CCO your real job is to recruit new partners, this Partner Accelerator Program lets new partners see, not just your products but how good your channel partner program really is – any time and keeps them engaged with you for the marathon it takes to get gain and keep customers.” F.B.

“How you sell us to become a partner, shows us if you really know how to help us, sell your stuff.” G.B. CEO MSP

“The Partner Accelerator Program has already achieved great results helping us reduce the partner recruiting cycle significantly along with getting them up to speed faster in selling their customers and real ROI. This program complements and considerably enhances our own program via this great Linkedin group.” L.D CRO

“These videos or custom ones are a ‘must-have’ for all solutions providers to gain and compete for channel partners to show them you are the ‘best-in-class’ company to be associated with.” D.P. CCO


This is an exciting program for providers, distributors and any company to accelerate their partner recruiting with quick videos. Here are scripts and sample videos. Each of these “sample videos” are available for $730 each or all four videos for $2,499 (save $500+) that will be customized with Your Logo and contact information. Multiple times as week along with six and twelve month programs are available.

If you ONLY want promotion of your company partner program landing page, lets talk about frequency and other options.

Now for limited time, get a Free iPad 64g with purchase of every four videos. Use as a gift for top Partner Performers, incentive to become a partner or … Limited time offer, subject to change without notice.

If you prefer, send a script like the ones below with less than 300 words recommended to keep them short enough for partners to watch. Email or call 303-594-1694 to discuss options pricing for custom videos.

Importantly this is BOTH production and promotion of videos on Linkedin to 35K+ in Tom’s 15K followers here – and in the largest Linkedin Group for MSP/MSSPs with 20K+ members –

Continuous Partner Recruiting Accelerator Program

An ongoing weekly video program is available to continuously seek to gain and retain partners. A complete list of the year-long program video titles is available via

What this means is to have an ongoing plan to produce a continuous series of partner recruiting videos and weekly promotion via the means above and other ways.

NOTE: Due to the high demand it may be better to download (right-click) the videos below to watch.

Partners Sell Faster, Easier to Gain-Retain Customers with YourNameGoesHere – 1

Never has selling a solution like cybersecurity been harder.

As customers are confused, bewildering and aghast at the cost and impact.

Making these sales is getting harder as cyber attacks are more complex.

YourName as the tools, technology and people,

 to help partners bring protection solutions,

 to an ever-widening range of attacks.

YourName brings to partners the means to help more customers,

in more markets than ever and constantly adding more cyber professionals,

 to help partners throughout the cyber attack cycle.

Leading with protections for customer end point devices, email, security access at the edge,

along with commitments to reacting to any critical security issues within 30 minutes.

then execute on agreed-upon actions and respond to all of the issues within four hours.

This means that you can sell, install and rest easy that YourName is ready-to-respond,

and staying with you and the customer and their team throughout the rescue and recovery cycle.

As we like to say, never has selling cybersecurity solutions been easier.

Get started today at

-179 words about 1-minute


YourName Champions the Channel Partner – Winning Today and Forever – 2

Never in technology business marketplace has there been more solutions from more companies

And never have customers been more confused about options, features and concepts

much less skills and means to integrate them into their also ever-more complex businesses.

Partners are also faced with solving these issues and facing ever-more competition themselves.

Not just from growing national players but customers buying from fewer advisors, partners

and along with growing their internal technology teams. 

Your Name recognizes this and is building a winning channel partner program.

Starting with a dedicated Channel Management Manager,

leading a comprehensive team of business development, marketing and technology professionals,

is available 7×24 to help you gain-retain customers.

Coupled with a completely modular “best in class” cybersecurity platform.

With all critical features your customer needs to survive and thrive.

As they say “proof is in the pudding” as YourName wins more everyday.

Be part of that success at

– 161 words about 1-minute


Gain-Retain Customers with YourName Comprehensive Partner Program – 3

As the saying goes, “a confused mind always says no.”

Business customers are confused regarding cybersecurity.

As the vendors throw “techno-babble” at them expecting them to know what all the terms mean.

Rather than taking the time to explain to them what they really mean.

Certainly IT staff or managed services providers often know the terms, means and impacts..

Yet again they are too busy to bother to explain to customers,

in terms and concepts the customer will understand

and importantly for their industry and specific business.

As each business often has unique requirements, regulations and features.

Yet veterinarians, funeral directors, governments and car dealers each interface with

customers and citizens with IT-information technology systems, website, telephones and more.

Yet, the tech, means, procedures and processes are often completely different.

This leads to customers confused about what to do and as a result simply “do nothing.”

YourName recognizes this challenge for partners,

with custom industry-market customer content for partner websites.

Eliminating techno-babble with business language 2-minute videos.

Each produced with business buyer in their respective markets,

along with versions for different players,

 such as government executives, finance managers, customer facing contact centers and others.

This is called a “persona” approach to sales building content for all the players not just the IT department.

Why because they are the decision makers and if they don’t “buy-in, there is no buy at all.”

To say we have them all the content for every player answer is no,

which is why working with your SPOC channel management manager,

you can request custom content for your key industry efforts.

This is just one step in making YourName the leading cybersecurity partner program.

To signup and be a YourName partner go here

– 296 words more than 2-minutes but can cut some.


NOTE: This video is an example of a “best-in-class” channel partner program and can be customized for your own program.

Critical Concepts in Partner People and Partner Systems Support for YourName Partner – 4

Get a team of proven channel experts who have “walked the walk, not just talk the talk.”

Here are members of the channel team and for you a SPOC – “single point of contact.”

1 – People Support System – dedicated and engaged professionals.

– Dedicated Channel Management Manager (CMM) – SPOC.

Leads the YourName team to collaborate with your sales team to gain-retain customers.

The CMM also makes sure you get paid correctly and ontime along with an ever-growing rewards program.

Other members of the channel management team are:

– Partner Marketing Manager (PMM) – collaborates with you to execute recommendations to generate sales leads,

and get you marketing development funds (MDF) with “easily and quickly”

along with special promotions and incentives.

– Dedicated Technical Account Manager (TAM).

Enables your technical team to deploy internally and to clients.

– Access to Business Development Reps (BDRs) for Blitz Days to close sales and set appointments.

– Dedicated Partner Enablement Manager (PEM) – guides the go-to-market enablement journey.

2 – Partner Systems Support – technical and sales content to shorten the sales cycle and eliminate “boomerang” sales.

– Comprehensive Partner Portal – access sales, marketing, and technical enablement resources.

– Internal Use Licenses to deploy YourName solutions internally.

– Complementary NFR licenses of Yourname solutions

– YourName Academy On Demand to build a partner website demonstration center

and customer-focused and customized partner-branded content.

Enabling sales, marketing, and service delivery training.

To signup and be a YourName partner go here

— 265 words about 2-minutes

Ordering and Terms

– Click on screen shot to videos online, however, due to high viewer demand performance can be impacted, to view on your device simply right-click and download demo version.

– Any requests for changes to video or script (sorry, the scripts are included for reference, however, changing the content changes the context and it is better to do a new video) results in a new video which is $800 each. Importantly this includes production and Linkedin promotion.

– Orders will be processed by Techtionary Corporation a Registered Colorado Corporation in “good standing” and Credit Card Payments via PayPal.

*NOTE: if you pay via credit card, appropriate card fees will be added at $5.00 per hundred fee though Zelle/ACH is free.

– Once order is approved and payment is received, customer will be contacted by Tom Cross 303-594-1694 to review order, get logo, website link, answer any questions and advise on production schedule typically 1-5 business days for completion.  Rush jobs same-day service is available at a 50% premium.

Tom will also be responsible for production and customer service so please make sure his email is on approved lists and not blocked.

– Customer will receive within two-business days their first video to review logo and website. Customer will be allowed one change to logo and website (not content) with subsequent changes are $99 each. 

– SocialStreamingTV is not responsible for issues regarding video content or production, so please review the videos before ordering.

– Once first video is approved, any remaining videos will be completed and provided to customer within 2-5 business days. 

– Once final production is approved of all videos will promoted on Linkedin to 33K+ in Tom’s 15K+ here – and in the largest Linkedin Group for MSP/MSSPs with 20K+ members – plus special promotion please review the Media Kit here

– Email to get order form.

There are many more options should you want the complete list click on the image below.

Subject to change without notice.