CISO as a Service Ondemand Security Leadership´┐╝

CISO as a Service offers C-suite security consultants on a flexible basis.

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With professionals who have successfully led multinational organizations in pursuit of a resilient operating posture.

Her are 7 core concepts.

1 – Accessible expert advice to industry-certified and continually engaged CISOs across global enterprises.

2 – Customized delivery model – with flexibility to scale with time and changing business needs.

3 – With cross-industry experiences and expertise applied for maximum benefit.

With an active team of CISOs sharing latest best practices across service engagements.

Plus, measurable performance metrics and key risk indicators.

4 – Providing experienced interim leadership during CISO searches for or onboards a new CISO.

5 – Supporting your current CISO in solving business challenges and meeting cybersecurity performance metrics

Here are 7 core features.

1 – Interim, and ondemand fractional CISO services.

2 – Cybersecurity strategy advisory services.

3 – Customized, on-demand security assessment, design, activation, and management.

4 – Business case support services and measurable performance metrics.

5 – Global coverage with services in all countries.

6 – Multiple language support (Arabic, French, Hindi, Mandarin, Portuguese and Spanish).

7 – Advisors have executive leadership experience at large multinational organizations and hold U.S. government security clearances.

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