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DigitalBusinessCards Partner Program Key Points

Here are the highlights:

  • DigitalBusinessCards are private branded/labeled for you and your customers for protection brand protection and enhancement e.g.
  • Pricing is flexible with flat rate pricing from less than $1 to $3 per user/month based on estimated total users more flexible than micromanaged
  • 60% revenue to you gives you room for your own partner program or keep it all for your team
  • Even higher discounts for volume and long-term 3-5 year MRR
  • You bill customer (optional) – giving you total control over the revenue process
  • Ongoing lead generation provided – geographic and vertical market protection along with MDF or company enhanced sales efforts
  • UI Customized to suit – send us your brand image, graphics and we will customize
  • Multiple-Award-winning device independent (no download bloatware/spyware) product line with proven platform plus priority for new features
  • Upgrade to vast multi-channel video streaming “Your Tube” network with virtual events, multi-session multi-person meetings and website video “doorbell”
  • Private branded marketing videos and content provided “fresh” content
  • Free customer service – we work weekends
  • Custom applications development for special projects
  • Custom content for your website, newsletter and sales development we will be at least one free “videotized” video on your solutions
  • Promotion of partner partners videos, podcasts and content on ChannelPartner.TV World’s Largest Channel Video Network
  • Promotion of partner partnership promoted weekly to the Largest Linkedin MSP group with 15.4K members plus promote all your solutions and 10K in company profile and other groups
  • Special rates and free ad banners – see examples on
  • Forever-Free version gives something for your own company use
  • Agility – what else can we do to help you?

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To get started in the channel partner program – email or 303-594-1694

Terms confirmed by proposal – subject to change without notice.