“Priceless” Personal DoorBell – One-Touch Inbound Video Calling – Now Available

DoorBell is a personal “one touch” 1:1 video calling/chatting with no logins, app downloads or even a name to talk system with recording, virtual backgrounds, text chat, screen sharing and more.

In other words, DoorBell is for all corporate contacts including areas like sales, support, recruiting for easy “live” communications preferred instead of chatbots and now Personal DoorBell to each person individually with “live” video and audio only communications with one-touch access.

With hundreds of demos, reactions run from profound to “priceless” (to reduce sales cycles, speeding customer support calls, enhance product and solutions demos, rapidly answer customer inquiries and much more) with many just having fun “giggles” along the way. To say that “everybody loves DoorBell” may be a stretch but so far no one doesn’t love the ease of use, no logins/downloads, not even a user name is required to use. Most user comments are down below.

The biggest request has been for a “Personal” DoorBell to use with their own use. Today, get your own “Personal” DoorBell integrated with you own personal Digital Business Card.

The is Beta for Personal DoorBell (for each user) is ready to try easy as 1-2-3:

Login/Register at https://channelpartner.tv/

1) Then Tap on Purple Admin button

2) Then Tap BusinessCard Admin – please aksi complete details on your BusinessCard with your Profile Pic the size is 120×120 (email me to help), Description, Links to Social Media and more.

3) then Tap an TURN ON DoorBell

Copy the personal link which you can use in your email, sms, Linkedin, etc. posts

Using Personal DoorBell – Each time you use DoorBell for guest communications with you, you must be Logged to ChannelPartner.TV

In other words, for users to access you via Doorbell you must be logged to ChannelPartner.TV

To help you use Personal DoorBell better, you will receive an email just in case but using Personal or general DoorBell features you must be logged in.

Background – the goal is for you and your business to have your own platform such as mybusiness.tv or whatever domain you choose and then setup corporate wide and personal DoorBell features where your Personal DoorBell might be mybusiness.tv/doorbell/yourname goes here.

Known Issues and Uses – Contact cross@gocross.com or 303-594-1694 for help or to report issues as we are testing this and other features everyday.

DoorBell has been tested hundred of times and across the multitude of browser configurations. One of the few problems of guest user on DoorBell on their iPhone using Chrome to user on Mac/Windows desktop may not work but Android user using Chrome works ! We have tried getting this fixed but Apple’s “answer is – tell the user to use Safari, not Chrome” which means if you have a remote user on iPhone recommend them using Safari. As one of the great use cases for DoorBell is guest user wanting to show support for a problem like in a “cable closet” or other area, they can “switch camera” and get closeup to the problem. In sales, you can show the “basement” or other area you need to.


DoorBell and Personal DoorBell is an extraordinary attempt to make video calling/chatting easy, fast and more. However, in making an app-independent, browser-based solution has problems. We have no control over Apple-Safari, Google-Chrome, Mozilla-Firefox, Microsoft-Edge and so many more browsers. We try to support them as users globally use all of them and all their devices. Devices have evolved and are ever-evolving as as well for desktops, pads, and smartphones. For example, inside the US iPhone has the majority of “smartphone” and “pad” users but outside the US (though you may know better) that Android is growing faster but Samsung, Huawei, Nokia, Motorola, LG, Nokia, Sony, Alcatel, Asus and many more exist and others will emerge. As such our goal was to build something that would work on any device with any browser. As far as we know, this feature does not exist on Zoom, RingCentral, Vonage, 8×8, Webex, On24 nor any other UCaas or collaboration tool. We know that people hate downloads, bloatware, login/passwords and other complexities that DoorBell eliminates.


DoorBell with Personal DoorBell is available for delivery today with two pricing models with SPECIAL OFFER FOR NEW BUYERS by September 1 with early orders get even more.

Either pricing option includes: unlimited users, videos, usage, personal and company-wide DoorBell users, virtual event, user voice calling (in alpha), digital business cards, CRM, LMS, trouble ticketing system, calendar scheduling system with “Acticons” action-icons, and so much more including “live” people helping or email support.

1) Advertiser-Supported – get the platform for free but we are allowed to manage the advertising banners – see the banners on ChannelPartner.TV where you can have banners but we decide which ones go first.

2) Buyer control of advertising banners – you decide what, if anything appears in the banner space. We will help with changes to the user interface (most free – please understand this is a complex issue as the user for mobile is much different than desktop).

One buyer option is to get a number of videos per month with significant promotion and get the platform for free. You can find more than 1,400 videos on ChannelPartner.TV – many people like them, some not so. If you have your own videos you get promotion of them to the largest Linkedin Group for Cybersecurity, Cloud, AI for MSP/MSSPs with more than 17.7K members and growing by 75 members a week plus Tom Cross’s profile of 13.4K and growing followers multiple times a week. The fees for this option are based on each element – platform-features, video production and media promotion value – call to discuss.

In either case, the platform is installed on your own unique domain name whatever to help you “build your own yourtube” or Netflix to build your own brand and not subject to the whims and views of others.

Dealer Program – a rather simple partner program is available for qualified partners. Contact to explore this concept for your own website and for customers. Dealer program includes sales leads for your service area, unbranded content, prompt payments and more.

To order email cross@gocross.com to get proposal or call 303-594-1694 to discuss anything you like.

DoorBell User Comments:

“Doorbell is outrageously easier than even making a phone call.” D.A.

“DoorBell gives our team the competitive edge in sales, support, recruiting and much more, just don’t tell anyone.” G.B. CEO

“DoorBell is a great way to show you’re serious about customer service. If you’re looking for a way to stand out from your competitors when measured for ‘post sales support’ this is it.” Dan Baldwin, Executive Director, Telecom Association

“Makes a website engaging making the company fun.” D.T. – CMO

“Seriously, this is a ‘must-have‘ for every website.” S.C. – Webmaster

“Changes the way I can get help simple solving my problem faster.” – G.R. Support Manager

“Frankly, helps engage with customers faster at their pace and need, making sales faster.” R.T. – CRO

“DoorBell brings real ROI by helping gain a new one or not losing even one customer.” J.T. – MSP

“DoorBellTV is a cool customer-centric critical communications solution for any omnichannel contact center as well as the smallest organization seeking to provide enhanced customer communications,” noted Evan Kirstel expert and thought leader in Unified (UCaaS) and Contact Center (CCaaS) communications follow at @evankirstel and on Linkedin.

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