Partner Pricing + Selling QSV-Quick Sales Videos & SSTV Sales Order Process

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Quick Summary

Video/Articles – Retail $490 each for article or video – $790 for one (1) each video AND article – you get $200 for each video and $300 for video/article. Or, they pay you, then send $300 for one each or $490 for both

Linkedin posts – Retail $125 for one (1) to post to personal and group, you get $50 each or if you sell charge whatever.

CrossTalk Video Streaming Platform – retail $1,500 including three (3) videos per month. You get $600 per month or if you sell whatever you like.

Call 303-594-1694 or email for help for orders, invoicing, etc.


—Marketing Promotion Content

Selling QSV-Quick Sales Videos

Selling QSV-quick sales videos is easier than I thought but more rewarding than I expected. Selling sales videos is selling to the CRO, sales director, channel partner sales team rather than the marketing department who is bogged down in confusion and obfuscation. Selling sales to a sales person is easy. Sales people like people who sell and those who help them sell more, well who could ask for anything more. On this page you will find great quotes to share with clients to show them the benefits of quick sales videos. I am always available 7×24 and yes weekends as most channel partners work weekends to discuss, demo or help close – call/text 303-594-1694 or email or DM on Linkedin. Key to a QSV is that it is about 2-minutes which is almost the max the people will watch and I am constantly working on making them shorter even quicker or if you prefer call them FSV-fast sales videos.

Remind customers these videos will be post on my personal Linkedin Profile and in the largest Linkedin Group for MSP/MSSPs and other categories with an audience of more than 32K+.

Sample Linkedin Post or email #1 – right click on image to download

And if you really want to get serious about selling, then build sales videos by “personas.”

Seriously there is never-ever only one person involved in a buying process. Yes there is generally the final decision-maker but they rarely decide on anything without some consultation with partner, account, lawyer, team and more. And the more complex the solution, the more integration for the technical IT systems, company organization and processes. The idea is to build videos for each audience member, participant or decision-point.

What works for the CEO is not what the CFO is looking for and the IT/CIO wants to know something completely different so why not build sales and other content for each of them. WHY – Because a “confused mind always says NO” and people don’t buy until they understand all the reasons WHY for the solution, costs, risks, impacts, side-effects and ponder the unintended consequences of what they are buying. The longer that takes the longer the sales cycle. Building sales videos for each person has proven to shorten the sales cycle by weeks or months. The most important reason why companies need sales videos. Go here for more – DM me for details and special offers.

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Sample Linkedin Post or email #2

Want to Sell Faster Here’s How Get Quick 2-minute sales videos accelerate sales, shorten the sales cycle, provide 7×24 access, provide consistency and quality in solution explanation, explain benefits to customers faster, easier and with greater engagement and retention to more audiences than any other medium. Sales videos are easy to produce for special CTA-calls to actions, offers and new use cases including ondemand virtual video trade shows for immediate sales meetings. Go here for more – DM me for details and special offers –

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Sample Linkedin Post or email #2

Here is another reason to do sales videos as the buyer is buying differently. Younger IT buyers as mentioned by Forrester Research in their webinar especially those under 35 and those older 1) work from home, 2) don’t want to go to trade shows to find solutions, 3) don’t want traditional sales meetings and 4) importantly want to use digital sources with self-service tools (such as quick videos) to complete their increasingly larger purchases. There is more here and DM me today for special offers.

#sales #salesvideos #videosales #CRO #MSP #partner #MSpartner

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Sample Linkedin Post #3 – Video on Video Sales

Quick Sales Videos 10 Core Concepts – Selling 24×7

“These quick 2-minute sales videos give us a competitive edge setting us apart from boring text from others. Tom provides fast service with overnight, weekend, same day or “rush order” videos even in 2-hours along with custom branding for customer and partner presentations. We can’t wait months to make sales, Tom is with us anytime to get it done with our goal to have all our sales content videotized with personas for different audiences such as the CEO, CFO, IT and other departments as well by vertical markets like healthcare, banking, retail, agriculture and importantly customized unbranded or partner branded,” D.P. CRO – DM me for special offers and details or visit here

#selling #sales #CRM #salestraining #CEO #CRO #CEO

Note – Instead of adding an image to Linkedin you can upload a video

Right-click and Download the video to your desktop – mark where you put it and then you can upload to Linkedin and you can post this as often as any post.


Note: You can rewrite or ask for more sample posts. Please Tag me on your posts and I will REpost them. Remember likes/comments do not help only REposts help both parties enormously. Use about five Hashtags# to help accelerate the efforts.

Note: Regarding Linkedin, you can and should post not just these to Linkedin every day I do 5+ times a day.

Finally, Remember to remind sales leaders, the longer they wait to do QSV’s the longer the sales cycle and the slower the revenue. And, remember there is NO Action with out a CTA-Call to Action – For your part you can always offer a Free Sample or BOGO-Buy One Get One special to get the sale. There are 1,500 examples of QSV’s on ChannelPartner.TV

Let me know anytime how I can help.


Sale Order Processes

This is an ever-changing and evolving process, please bookmark this page for future reference.

Thank you for your efforts to make this an exciting opportunity to you and customers alike as QSV-quick sales videos and the video streaming and ondemand video network is a powerful means for companies to accelerate their revenues, lower sales and support costs, truly enhance customer experiences and more. I also suggest you go through the rest of this website for articles, exciting use cases and other solutions available for sale. Quick overview of quick sales videos – click on image – sorry about the awful looking “personality”

Let’s begin with two core products:

1 – Individual videos and articles

The retail price is $490 prepaid which includes (1) one 2-minute video OR one (3-500 word) article AND one post EACH on My Linkedin Profile Page and also on the Linkedin MSP/MSSP Group page – please make sure that you and I are connected and you are a member of the group. A combination voice AND article packages is $790.

The obvious question people ask is – What do the videos look like?

— Answer, there are 1,500 video examples on ChannelPartner.TV with new videos daily so people can see what they get and where their video will be posted along with My Linkedin Profile Page and also on the Linkedin MSP/MSSP Group page There are more than 400 text articles and other longer press releases that Tom’s has written that can be found here as samples of writing style. —

You can share the previous paragraph with potential customers.

This is also done so customers can’t complain – “this is not what I expected and want a refund” as there are no refunds.

Video Production and Promotion – they get a video as mentioned above available for them to download for use on their website for eternity without additional costs and one (1) post of the video(s) with up to 300 words of text and links on My Linkedin Page and one (1) post of the video on the MSP/MSSP Linkedin Group. Additional posts are $100 prepaid to both My Linked Page and MSP/MSSP Linkedin Group Page.

To order, they pay for the video and additional posts, if any.

Commission – If customer pays us retail, you get $200 per video or article or $300 for one (1) article AND video will be paid to you when the customer approves the video – the delay is due to PayPal refund which supersedes our policy.

Payments – We can send customer can be send an invoice to pay via credit card on – just need their email address. Once payment is received, you will be advised and customer will be contacted.

If YOU take the payment, you pay Techtionary via Paypal account name is – $300 for one video OR article and keep whatever you charge understanding that we will not provide a refund but depending on the circumstances allow a credit toward future videos. We will not disclose fees paid.

The customer should be advised that the project can be completed within 2-3 days unless there are delays in review. The customer should also be advised to have 3-500 words in 15 sentences ready for the video script or often customers just a website landing page on their website to gather script.

Once received in either format I will provide “draft” video within 24 hours for their review. Once they review and approve we can go final for distribution to them and postings on Linkedin. Advise them they get one review for free but additional reviews and changes will be $200 per review prepaid. Changes once approved is a new video so new fee is required.

Having done this many times, there have have not had any bad experiences though some people want to change and change the video again and again but if they are advised they get two and then it costs them, they are understanding of the work effort.

Lastly, you can offer them a $100 discount on their next order if completed within 30 days of their first and recommend they get their own Video Streaming Platform.

2 – Linkedin Promotion Services

Retail for one (1) Linkedin post to personal profile AND Group is $100 each prepaid. You charge whatever you like. Pay us and send post and it will be done within the same day or per customer schedule.

3 – Video Streaming Platform

The goal of the business is not to sell individual videos but to sell customers their own video news network with live video for meetings events and ondemand video streaming like NetFlix and so much more. To find out the latest, ever-improving including a video on this concept can be found and shared with customers here. The platform is nearly five years old so years of testing and improvements though no solution is very perfect, it is never-failed so far and no customer complaints.

Competition is still with Zoom still dominating though recent admissions by the CEO of data mining (aka spyware) user data, porn bombing Federal Reserve meetings and the FBI sting don’t help.

Meanwhile the core competitive edge feature is “DoorBell” not found by any other vendor so far. DoorBell does NOT require any logins, downloads, or even a name to use. We have tested DoorBell probably a thousand times by now and the only issue is sometimes with Chrome the user does not have the lastest version so we recommend You use Safari when giving demos.

What customers get is a private-labeled version on their own domain name – or whatever they want it to be though we cannot provide the platform as a /cxy on their existing website.

Business Model – Again, giving away videos is not the ideal business scenario, however, glad to do whatever is takes to make it happen. The retail price of the platform is $1,500 per month with discounts of 10% and 20% for twelve months with no installation fee other than the fee is prepaid. There are no usage charges (so far) or limitations on the number of users (so far).

Order process – After a demo with customer and review of the features, order begins with prepayment of $1,500 which includes three (3) videos retail value $1,500 alone produced and promoted under the same terms as mentioned above as individual videos.

The customer provides us the domain name where the platform will be placed and they will need to give us access for about 30 minutes to add reference code to direct to the AWS platform where the platform will be installed. As such we are not responsible nor refunds provided for outages, failures, and technical issues arising from Amazon Web services, Vonage or others for the remaining period. Then it will take 3-5 business days to custom build the platform with customer providing some graphics for home page logo and background imagery to meet their needs. We will provide daytime live support via ChannelPartner.TV DoorBell or via email anytime at NO charge to you or customer. Should there be an outage (which so far there has not been any) we will do our best to restore service asap.

New features and updates – there will be new features provided at no charge along with updates and refinements to the system. Should customer require even more, we can discuss and present a proposal to you and customer.

Platform User Interface Issue – not everyone likes the UI-user interface, we plan to add a feature to allow customers the ability to change the home/main page imagery on their own. This means they can change it to anything they like easily and often. However, more complex feature UI issues and overall UI is a complicated issue and again discussion with customer is recommended.

Training – We hope that you will be ready to provide some Admin-Administrative level support but until you are ready, until then we certainly can via Customer training will be provided to their customer of record and that person will also be the Admin for their site which there are many features but critical is user and content control which we hope is sufficient to protect customers from misuse. The customer Admin is responsible for all errors, losses, etc. which are covered in our Terms of Use.

Security – We have completed our own security assessment and believe there is strong protection and have taken active efforts to prevent security breaches. However, we are not liable for any financial, reputation, customer losses or any other reason, as explained in the TOY-Terms of Use for any losses of any kind.

Monthly Billing – Service commences when platform goes live and monthly payment if $1,500 due on or before with a five (5) day warning and cancellation after ten (5) days.

Commission – You can sell the platform for whatever, your/customer cost is $900 per month or less depending on multiple sales per month.

If customer pays, You will receive whatever is paid above that amount or you pay Techtionary that amount for your own sales. For customer direct sales, you will be paid to you per month within 24-hours of receipt of payment from the customer unless we have other arrangements. Since the three (3) videos are included there are no additional payments for these services. You charge whatever you want for the platform and again we will not disclose to the client fees paid.

Terms of Use and Privacy Policy – Since this is a fast-changing situation with new regulations daily we will try to keep up but click here for latest version.

Issues Not Covered – please call 303-594-1694 or email to discuss any issues not found here and depending will be updated to this page. I highly recommend you check this page often or call for assistance and great success to you

Terms – Subject to change without notice – please review this often as the final determination of any agreement. That is this supersedes any verbal communication.